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Ingenious Elzing-Kup


Entry ID #: 4503
Created: Thu, Jan 4, 2018 3:29 PM

Our part is a wheelie bar. We designed this part because our own robot kept flipping over, so this piece will help prevent that from happening. This part should be added to the side the robot flips onto, because when the robot goes to flip it will hit the bar and prevent this from occurring. We used the Tinkercad 3.7 software to make a bar with two holes that attaches to the robot at a 45 degree angle. From this project, we learned how to engineer things more effortlessly. We will probably use 3D design software in the future for other projects such as this one because it helps us to understand how to engineer the robot more productively. This 3D design software could also help us in a career path if we choose something, such as engineering, because you would use multiple types of software, such as Tinkercad. Knowing how to use these types of software will make us better equipped to be successful as engineers. 


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