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929U Standoff Structural Bracket


Entry ID #: 4641
Created: Mon, Jan 8, 2018 5:14 PM

This part was designed to assist the push for lighter robots and easier use of standoffs for other purposes then spacing. For the past few games teams have been pushing the idea of lighter more compact robot to make them faster and more robust. My part will help with this by allowing more use of standoffs in the structure of robots. The current solution to making a part that does the task of allowing standoffs to be used in structure or as joints is using a collar and a small threaded rod. The issue with this is that sometimes the collar is not in the correct orientation and it is very hard and annoying to change the lengths of this connection. My solution fixes these issues by using 2 set screws and a snug tube to attach onto the standoff. This allows for a simple and strong connection between the part that is easily changeable. Since it uses and tube-like design it also allows for tiny distance changes if a standoff isn’t the exact length you need it to be. I designed this in Fusion 360 version 2.0.3800 by importing a Vex Standoff and Vex 3/32 Screw off the Vex Website into Fusion. After taking some dimensions, I started the sketch of the design. It started with the center tube and after extruding that I created the tab on the top to support the screw. Next, I created the holes to accommodate the set screws, and finished it off with the filet tool. This design took multiple attempts to get to the place it is now, some of the issues I encountered were Set screw supports not being strong enough, holes being slightly too small, part breaking too easily, and print failing from poor design. This project has taught me some valid and useful techniques for 3D printing parts and designing parts that need very accurately sized parts. I have been and will continue to use Fusion and Inventor to assist my team and I in designing robots and parts in the vex competition and will continue to use them to make 3D printable parts that can be used in daily life.

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Breif video to better understand the idea behind the part and where it would be used


   Zach929U on 01/08/2018

I am really sorry i couldn't figure out how to get a f3d file in fusion so i just put it into Inventor and used an iam. I hope this doesn't effect me too bad.