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Make it Real CAD Engineering Challenge Entry


Auburn Robotics
Entry ID #: 4662
Created: Mon, Jan 8, 2018 7:41 PM

The Vex IQ piece we decided to make for this challenge functions as a corner connector. We thought that this design could function and should function as a Vex IQ standard product, as it can be used effectively in many situations. This piece is great at stabilization on chassis, arms, intakes, and anything else. We found that this piece comes in handy the most when functioning as an arm connector. So therefore, this piece is a great stabilizer and is very versatile.   The piece that we printed was used to securely hold beams and stabilize a mock arm base. To make this piece, we used Autodesk 2018. Our teacher recently taught us how to use this program and to be more comfortable with its software. Using Autodesk, we learned how to 3D model our piece and eventually print our piece. With this information learned, we will have a head start to our possible future engineering jobs or any job that contains the function of a 3D printer. For us at the current moment, these programs might be helpful because they would allow us to 3D model any possible future designs, helping us understand any weaknesses in the design. Also, this designing might help us later in life by helping us understand, for example, how modeled robots might fix structures or solve other problems that require engineering. Learning to use a 3D software could help you in your career path by enabling you to plan your designs before actually building them, to see if they are practical. If you were planning to manufacture an electric car, for example, you would need to experiment with different power outputs, overall weight, and efficiency in programs such as Autodesk in order to gain the confidence of the vehicle, and to ultimately start the manufacturing process.

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