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CADing and 3D printing a motorized vex piston


Entry ID #: 4680
Created: Mon, Jan 8, 2018 9:53 PM

For the autodesk CAD challenge, we CADed and 3D printed a motorized vex IQ compatable piston. We decided to create a piston which supplied linear motion and lots of power, because the only other way to do the same thing in vex IQ now, is to use a rack and pinionn, which breaks very easily and can't supply very much power. we hooked a vex motor up to a 3/1 gear ratio, then hooked that up to our piston. That then turned a worm gear which pushed a linear rack gear up and down. We found that the piston was not very fast (that's why we added a 3/1 gear ratio), but did supply a large amount of power, and was very strudy and strong, so much so that it was able to lift a 4 to reverse 4 bar by itself. 

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