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1575B Decopler


Entry ID #: 4786
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 1:50 PM

The Decoupler Team 1575b created the decoupler because of one reoccurring problem, how do you consistently release a part on your robot? The decoupler does just that. The decoupler is a plastic part that releases and ejects an insert that can be connected to vex metal. When powered the jaws on the inside open and the compressed spring ejects the insert. This provides for as reliable and compact way to release parts. If you are asking yourself when would this be useful picture this example. You have an active intake attached to a four bar with no motors. You have to fold up the four bar to keep your robot in size, so you attach a decoupler to your lift and the insert to the four bar. You then attach the two and now you can release/eject the four-bar out to the position you want it to be. I used Autodesk Inventor Profesional 2016 to create the decoupler. I first created a 5x5x0.125 base for the decoupler. Then, I created a cylinder with the outer circle being 4.756 in. in diameter and the inner one being 2.5 inches in diameter. Next, I attached two wedges on opposing sides, on the inside of the cylinder, parallel to the outside square. Lastly, I created a coil/spring in the center of the cylinder and made four holes on the corners of the square for screws. For the decoupler insert, I made a 2.49 in. circular plate to serve as the inserted part. Then I attached a smaller 1.696x0.5 in. cylinder to serve as a spacer between the circular plate and the 3x3x0.125 in. base plate. Lastly, I drilled four holes in each of the four corners of the square base plate for screws. This project taught me that creating a part using 3D design software is challenging yet fun. This program will help me in the future because I am in the Project Lead The Way engineering program. This software will most likely help me in my future career as an aeronautical engineer because I will be designing things and be solving problems. This skill is important to a competitive robotics team because it is necessary for CADing.

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