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Snap-On Shaft Collar


Entry ID #: 4850
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 4:49 PM

We decided for our custom part to make a snap-on collar because many times during prototyping or even the final build we forget to insert a collar onto a shaft making us have to dissassemble part of a mechanism put on the forgotten collar and then reassemble. With our idea this frustration will be a thing of the past where you can freely slide collars onto axels without having to completly remove it from a mechanism saving precious time. To make our product in Autodesk Inventor took 4 steps first using the circle tool to create the standard collar lining, second extruding to the correct width of a standard collar, cutting the notch into where it would rest on a axle and finally inserting the threading into where the insert screw will go. To conclude whatour team learned from this challenge is that 3D modeling helps you get a look of how something will turn out before building it. In the future we can use 3D modeling to get models of individual vex parts or renderings of subsystems and mechanisms to put in our notebook instead of hand drawings. 3D modeling can help you in many carrer paths such as architecture by modeling floor plans or a real estate agent giving virtual tours of a clients house that is yet to be built.   


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