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Hex-Nut Driver


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Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 6:09 PM

Have you ever been looking for your nut driver or your hex driver and you seem to lose them?  Well this will no longer be a problem for you.  Why might someone make an object so simple yet so effective?  That is why we combined the nutdriver and the hex driver together to make an innovation to our basic tools.  However it is not just what you think, the part will be made out of different materials giving it different abilities and advantages. The rubber one will be able to bend and twist, making it easier to get around your design and solving many of the issues many people have.  The function of this tool is to improve the capability of a basic nut driver or vex driver.   It will improve the grip and the efficiency.  This part will solve many issues many face in many different situations.  If you are rushed to fix or finish your robot or any other VEX design and don’t want to waste time looking for separate parts that might not even be there, that is why you need this innovation.  Meaning it would be less likely to lose this part, having a better efficiency, and many other improvements while still costing around the same price as the original tools.     This part is not specifically fitted into the robot and its design, however it is used to build the robot and any other designs.  This part is used like a basic nut driver or vex driver, twist it right to tighten the screw or nut and twist it left to loosen it.  It will be smooth giving it a good comfortable grip and easily available. This is how we created the part in CAD Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017;  We started with the 2-D part of the object by measuring a nut driver and a hex driver with a ruler and revolved it around making the cylinder shape. We then extruded out the hexagonal hex driver shape about 2 inches and extruded in the nutdriver shape about 0.5 inches. The final touches were with the fillet feature. This is the brief overview of how we made the part in CAD Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017. In conclusion, we learned that making original tools and innovating them into a more efficient and high quality part, while still costing about the same price is so significant so the economy and to the future.  Not only to a specific community but to the engineering world in general. We learned more about the engineer process and how we were able to successfully make a part from basic tools.  We believe that we will use 3D design software in the future, for ways to invent or innovate new parts and make it a part that people will want to use.  Using this software is very important if you are on a competitive robotics team because if you were to have a part that is not working then you could use a stress analysis to find out what may making it have problems or you could use the iproperties on a part to find out everything about so fast.  The weight, mass, volume, components to it, and many other contributes to it, while also adding the material it is made out of.  We think that learning this software will be very important in the career path because there are so many careers can do it; designer, programmer, architect, and much more.  Also we think that there will be many opportunities in the future that may come out as jobs or careers using software and you might make one by yourself.

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   AirplaneManiac on 01/16/2018

SOLUTION TO ALL MY PROBLEMS! (Well........ The vex related ones...)