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motor case 9000


Entry ID #: 4894
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 6:12 PM

Hello, our group, the people of vex or 98000G, used autodesk fusion 360 2.0.3800 to create a motor case, we mainly created it because we struggled at getting our motors attached to the robot causing us to not be able to test, practice with, and use a working robot and also score significantly lower in the early tournaments. So we created a motor case that adds more attachment points for connectors and instead of just being able to connect in the front, or you could use the motor case which allows you to connect to all sides creating stabler motorized joints, wheels, and a generally more stable robot.   The motor case has a section in the side that comes out with a notch to help you and the motor easily slides in then you can put the cover back on. I used the hole tool to create holes where the connectors go in and snap onto the inside of the case, if a connector needs to be removed the motor can be slipped out and the connector can be pushed on from the inside to remove it. I would use 3D design software in the future to create parts and design parts either to 3d print them or to simulate something in real life to test if it works with my part I have designed.


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