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Stability C-Channel


Entry ID #: 4938
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 7:21 PM

Grant Zydeck Evan Williams Justin Sanderson Rahul Sethi Sean Cornellier   CAD Part Summary             This CAD part is designed for more stability in our drive. The drive is the base and needs to be the strongest point on the robot. From the drive is where everything else extends off of. Screws are always a decent way of holding two c-channels together, however one single piece of metal will be extremely sturdy and unrivaled when it comes to stability. As a result, we have designed one strong molded part. We believe that this will help not only our team, but many other teams as well.               The actual CAD part that we have designed is essentially three c-channels welded together as one piece of metal. The left and right “main” c-channels are the exact length of a 35-hole c-channel. The height of them is proportional to a 1x2x1 c-channel. The bar in the back that connects the two “main” pieces is exact to a 1x2x1x25 c-channel. As a single piece of metal, this will provide unprecedented support and stability. Note that the holes are not exact or proportional in this design.               As seniors in high school and having been a part of Vex Robotics for the last four years, we understand that as experienced members of the program it is our responsibility to help and guide other Vex teams. This is why we have designed this part with the belief that it will help us and other Vex teams. Many Vex robots use this same initial design for their drive. This will be a great addition to the Vex parts and will especially help other Vex Robotics teams. 


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