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Vertical Battery holder


Entry ID #: 4972
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 8:12 PM

For this challenge I decided to use Autodesk inventor professional 2017 to design my part. The problem that me and my team faced was mounting our battery. We found that the current battery mounting capabilities of the Vex battery holder didn’t allow us to mount the battery the way we wanted to. To solve this problem we decided to design a new battery holder. The current battery holder holds the battery in a horizontal orientation our new battery holder holds it vertically. It will be used instead of the battery holder. We designed the part in Autodesk Inventor professional 2017. We learned how to use Inventor four years ago through the Vex curriculum. We have designed many of our robots in Autodesk inventor, however up until now we have never designed a functional part for our robots. Through this project we learned the aspects of designing, testing and refining a design. We also learned about many of the tools built into Autodesk inventor. We learned how to use the mirror tool along with many other tools. After completing this challenge we will be better for the future challenges we face in inventor and other aspects of robotics.

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   Foster on 01/25/2018

For the last 6 years I've given my teams the battery holder to replace the zip tie holder. This is a huge upgrade to let the battery be supported in other orientations. Nice job!!