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New and Improved Bearing Design


Entry ID #: 5051
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 9:51 PM

We created an improved bearing to make them easier to access and use in tighter spaces, make them lighter, and vacant two holes per bearing for other uses in tight spaces. The current bearings, although very secure, are quite bulky, taking up three holes, cumulatively heavy, and difficult to screw in in tight spaces. With our new bearing design, attaching and detaching them will be as simple as a snap into the square hole of the metal. These new bearings will only require one hole and will be relatively easy to access in otherwise hard to access spaces. The bearings will also reduce the need for excessive screws, which, as we all know, add unnecessary weight to our robots. This new bearing would be made of nylon, and the four clips on the side would be made of rubber. The square insert-like design of the inner bearing would fit snugly within the square hole of a piece of metal, while the clips would add extra security, so the bearing does not fall out. There is an open cylindrical shaft on the inside which would allow axels or screws to fit through, like that of the current bearings. This new design would be lightweight and versatile, without sacrificing strength or security. We first sketched some possible designs that would solve our chronic problem of un-screwing bearings from hard-to-reach places. We then eliminated a few that were relatively inferior to the rest and began re-designing some to be more slick and versatile. Along the way, we began getting our feet wet with Fusion 360 and watched some tutorials, since this was all our first experience with CAD. As we understood increasingly more, we began trying to design our sketches in CAD until we were satisfied with the results. This was a great learning experience for our team as we uncovered and traveled the path of properly brainstorming and designing an idea. It was motivating and enlightening to see our ideas go from our heads to paper to a functional CAD design. This introductory experience with a 3D design software has been eye opening and prepares us for the engineering and technology driven future. Possibly in future years, we will have jobs that require us to use this knowledge to develop products or components, maybe in automotive, aeronautical, or other industries, with teams similar to ours.


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