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T Connector Piece


Entry ID #: 5129
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 11:33 PM

Please find attached our Final Report that will contain the information in regard to our T Connector Piece we created.

Druring our Build Process we found we required a piece that was not in our Kit.  We managed to be inventive, and solved our rproblem using the VEX Kit, but if we had of had this t-piece inour kit it would have been great. 

We learnt a lot by using 360Fusion to design our piece and then we 3D printed it. It worked on our robot really well. 

In using Fusion 360, our first attempt, we have realised the importance of using this program in our Robot design process and plan to begin using this program in the future. We begun using 360Fusion as a need, but now see many other uses.

In discussions with our teachers we have relaied that their are many facets and uses of 3D CAD design that we didn't realise such as game design, animation, movies as well as the standard uses in robotics, engineering and design. With the development of VR we can see many more uses of 3D design and are very keen to learn more. 

As students we are very excited about where the future may take us, and we know 3D design will play a major part. 


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