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The 1x1x35 C


Entry ID #: 5159
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 12:00 AM

The vex community has been gravitating towards half c channels for around a year now, but there are a couple problems with half Cs. First off, they are pretty prone to bending. Not many teams put half C channels on parts that undergo stress. However, the current alternatives to half Cs are heavy and take up space. The 1byC fixes both of these problems with ease. We would use this part everywhere on our robot. These would be the new double reverse channels, drive chassis and triangle supports. Really, you cannot go wrong with a 1byC. While doing this challenge we learned a lot. You might be surprised as this part may look simple to make, but the most simple things are often the most effective. While doing this challenge, my team estimated the weight loss our robot would get if we sparingly switched all of our 2byC channels to the new 1byC model. Outstandingly, the 1byC cuts just under 3 pounds. This is a huge game changer for teams everywhere. Many teams will be able to increase their drive speed by a whole internal gearing option. We hope you enjoyed reading this and looking at our part. Thank you for considering. 

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