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Make it Real CAD Challenge by team 1550C Da Swedish Fish


Entry ID #: 5172
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 12:18 AM

Da Swedish Fish, team 1550C, consists of Mattias & Cecilia Peroni. Our entry is a piece that is designed to hold somthing on in two different 90 degree directions from the pull on it. Like attaching a claw to a lifting mechanism, and securely keeping it on while driving away from the pole. The piece can also be used to hold a platform and a sensor.  Full description and pictures in the PDF file.  


   DaSwedishFish on 01/10/2018

We were able to upload the fd3 files this morning. Thank you.

   DaSwedishFish on 01/10/2018

We have been trying without success to upload the f3d file. I am seeing on the Forum that more people are having the same problem. I hope we will be able to add these files tomorrow or after the deadline since it seems like there is a glitch in the system. Thank you.