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Vex Pneumatic Pressure Gauge


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Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 2:34 AM

VEX Pressure Gauge

For our custom part we have decided to make a VEX Roboics Pneumatic Pressure Gauge. The issue that we are aiming to solve is not knowing the air pressure whilst pumping up your pseumatics and also being able to read your air pressure values out of a digital port so that thate information can be used elsewhere. This is particularly useful for teams which do not have a pump with a gague built in already or for teams which need a pressure reading in order for parts of their program or robot to function. In addition to this the gague has a built in Digital Output capable of sending data out over the RJ11 port which will be able to interact with software that may require that data. In order to operate this device, it will come have standard vex pneumatic fittings on it consiting of an inlet port and an outlet port, this will be able to hook in series into your normal tube routing and will then give an accurate measure of pressure on the gague and through the digital out port. In addition to this the gague has the capability of mounting to the robot with the 2 rear holes on the chassis, similar to the vex speaker. To create the part fusion 360, version 2.0.3800 was used. All parts were made in fusion 360 by myself except for the RJ11 connecter (referenced below) and the Pneumatic tube fittings which were taken off the official vex website. This experience of modeling a 3D item has helped me better understand how 3 models are made and helped me gain a better understanding of how 3D modeling software works. Throught working on this project I learnt that the learning curve when working with Fusion 360 can be steep but offers many advantages especially in design, not only for designing parts but also when planning a new robot build, K Force plan on using this tool more in the future to help plan more robots first rather than just build them. Through this I have learnt that by planning and modeling your component or deign in CAD software it minimizes the risk of building something which wont work and also speeds up the overall build proccess. I feel that this software will help us in our career paths ahead as many of us wish to take up some sort of engeneering degree in University, with myself looking at a mechatronics course. I definitly think this tool will be useful when 3D modeling later on.


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