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Hex Shaft Upgrade Kit


Wingus or Dingus
Entry ID #: 5287
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 7:35 AM

Many VRC teams have problems with VEX 1/8” Drive Shafts in high-torque/high-impact applications due to them having a relatively low resistance to twisting and bending fatigue. To counter this problem, VEX designed 1/4” High Strength Shaft hardware for teams to use. However, the HS Shaft also has some issues. The current High Strength Shafts are only compatible with 1/4” hardware, so new bearing flats, spacers, and clamping collars need to be bought instead of reusing ordinary Drive Shaft hardware. Larger holes must also be drilled in metal structure pieces where HS Shafts pass through, which has a negative effect on reusability of VEX structural pieces. I felt there was a need for something tougher than 1/8" shafts but not as bulky and heavy as 1/4"... More info in the report (featuring stress analysis!)