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2x35 Base Plate


Entry ID #: 5300
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 7:56 AM

Why was this part created? Our 2x35 base plate was created to make creating prototypes and adding support to robots easier. It would be created out of steel or aluminum vex metal. It would allow for a sleeker and intricate crossbar for situations where a normal base plate or c-channel wouldn't suffice. How will this part be used? This part can be used as an alternative to the base plates and c-channel as crossbar bracing on robots. It would allow a thinner profile on mechanisms where chain and gears are used, as it does not have all the overhang of a c-channel. How was this product created? Autodesk Inventor Professional 2016 was used to create this part. The generic 2x2x35 Angle Channels were  modified to create this part. What was learned from this project? We learned that using Autodesk Inventor is a useful way of improving robot designs and certain VEX parts. We will certainly use Inventor in the future to create our robot and demonstrate parts of our design. Autodesk Inventor helps a lot with brainstorming designs, testing out ideas, and displaying our robot to others. Also, using this software will definitely be useful in future engineering jobs, as it is a very common and useful program.


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