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DR4B Lift Tower


Entry ID #: 5330
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 8:57 AM

This is the lift tower for a DR4B (Double reverse four-bar). It centralizes the motors to reduce weight, opposed to having motors separed on each side. In addition, bearings are included around the gear shafts to reduce friction. This part would be used to completely replace the mid section of a DR4B lift to allow faster lift times by reducing weight and friction.  By using Autodesk Professional 2016, each part of the assembly was constructed by using standard parametric tequiniques. The line tool, circle tool, trim, extend, and arc commands were primaraly used to create the sketches. The extrude tool was used to extrude these sketches, either being used to add or subtracting material. The fillit tool was used to round edges after the 3d models were generated. Once each idividual part was made, they were asembled primaraly using the insert and mate surfaces commands.  From this project, I further sharpened my skills and experience with Inventor and 3d printing experience.   

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