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610B's custom piece


Entry ID #: 5366
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 9:49 AM

We created this part because we thought it would be very helpful for attaching the 4 bar. The piece is a 4x4 with another 4x4 90 degrees from the other. This piece would be used as a corner connector but reinforced and you can put connector pins in any of the holes on the piece. We came up with the idea because my team needed a piece to connect the 4 bar to the drivetrain so it would be stable and would not fall off.   For this project I used “Autodesk Fusion 360”. We looked up some tutorials online and got some help from our mentor to complete the piece we came up with. On Fusion we started with a base for the piece and added the back and now had a basic design. With this basic design we took a digital caliper and found the diameter of the holes on a regular vex iq piece, we now took that measurement and put it on the piece in fusion, then we duplicated it to the proper places on the piece. We first started with a rough design to get the sizing right with the length and width of the piece and the diameter of the holes on the piece. After the rough copy we moved on to my final copy so we were able to print it, my final copy was the 4x4 90° corner connector it is 2 inches by 2.188 inches and the holes are 0.75 inches in diameter. Once we finished the design we got it printed.   In conclusion we learned a lot making this piece and had tons of fun. We ended up learning how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 and learned that it takes a long time to 3D print something. We also learned that 3D Designing is a lot harder than it looks. Overall we will use 3D design and cadding in the future, and we think that cadding and 3D design, can help us in the future by using it to easily print things that are hard to make or it can be used to make prototypes to design important pieces for engineers and inventors in the future.

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