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610D's Custom Piece Entry


Entry ID #: 5369
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 9:52 AM

   Our custom robotics piece is something we all thought we needed at some point in our robotics career. It is a 2x8, with a plate with pegs at each end, to act as corner connectors. This saves the person using this all the extra pieces and makes the robot more simplistic. This piece can come in any 2x something size, like a 2 by 10 or 20. We are trying to help with making any tall or long structure with walls, or that is used to move game pieces, it can even be used to support large structures on a bot.    The new part could be used in our robot currently, it could be used as the arms or beams of the 4 bar, or as a support base around the bar, because earlier we had support issues so we made a plate structure to keep it from falling. So we could use the part to help support the four bar or try to help make it simpler and stronger.       We used the online version of Tinkercad, on the website. After learning how to use it from the multiple tutorials, and watching youtube videos of it, we used it’s method of basic shapes and size conversion to create the rectangular and square shaped piece, with cylinders for the pegs and holes.        In conclusion we learned that we all had similar problems in the past with needing a special parts for our very similar designs. In the future we want to either do this competition again because 3D designing is so fun, and we gained some great teamwork skills and collaboration, now that we know how to CAD, we will probably all use it in the future for school projects. We could use this software on a competitive team, to design a robot idea we have, to see how it looks and to see if we like it, that will save us the build time. Some of us want to go into engineering in the future, so the basic skill of 3D designing is very useful for designing and expressing ideas. For example if we were to design and create a new building, or the electricity plan for it, we could use a 3D design to plan or map out what we will make, or use the model to show other people it is a good idea and that you could get funding for the idea. We had a great time designing our piece and can’t wait to use our new skills in the future.  

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