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Standoff Joint


Entry ID #: 5402
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 10:30 AM

Why did you create the part?: We created the part because on our robot we have some trouble with screws not staying in our standoff joint for the mobile goal intake. Also, we use silver screws that are identical to the black vex screws, but they don’t fit inside axle collars, which are used for standoff joints. This piece would be much more efficient and time-saving, because as of now we need to screw together standoffs, then screw these into an axle collar, with a screw going through the axle hole. This piece would save a lot of time, as well as couplers that could be used for other things. We also would not have to take the set screws out of the axle collars, and this would reduce the risk of us losing the set screws.   The issue it’s solving: Standoff joints are lighter and slimmer. To make standoff joints more efficient, we created a piece that would screw into the standoff. We use couplers to connect the stand-offs, as well as the axle collars. We have problems when we are screwing in standoffs to the axle collars, because the coupler will come loose from the standoff/axle collar. This would solve this issue because we would be screwing this into the standoff and we could hold the standoff in place so it wouldn’t loosen.   How it would be used: This would be used in standoff joints in place of the axle collars, and the coupler that would screw into the axle collar. The part (beside the coupler), would also be made out of the black, plastic spacer material, so there would be no metal on metal, and this would reduce friction, therefore making the joint faster, and we also wouldn’t have to use a spacer that could be used for something else.   How I used the software, and what software: I used Fusion 360 Ultimate Student, version 2.0.3800. I created a body in the shape and size of an axle collar without the screw hole, axel hole. Then I created a cylinder in the shape of a half inch coupler. I attached the cylinder to the center of one of the flat sides, and used the thread function to make it a screw. On the other side of the axle collar-like-cylinder, I made a rectangle and sketched a circle in the middle and used the spline tool to cut it down, to save material.   What did I learn?: This was my first time using any sort of CAD program. It taught me how to use my creativity in a way that would help our team, as well as other teams. I also learned how to use this program to benefit our notebook.   Will I use 3D design in the future?: Yes, I would use this in the future because it’s a really cool program that really brings your design to life.   How does this software help you on your team?: This software helps me because I can design the parts of our robot before we build it. This will be helpful because we can really envision things before we build them. We’ll have a very detailed design to build off of, instead of poorly sketching it out and then building, and needing to cutting this to stay in the 18x18, etc.   Will learning this help you on your career path?: This is a learning opportunity to get in the engineering business. With this knowledge, I will be able to intern or even get a part time job with engineering companies. Through the learning process I can make some contacts to help me engage in higher education.  

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