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"DeAxler 200"


Entry ID #: 5485
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 11:56 AM

Our part that we created for this challenge is a tool that can be used to replace axles on a robot and help get them out even if they are warped or twisted. The tool holds a shaft and pushes another one out with the shaft it holds. We created this part because our robotics team has been encountering lots of problems with getting warped axles out of gears and wheels.   Our tool also has four extruded squares on its front face to click into a c-channel like piece and provide better grip. You can load a new axle into it for replacement of the old one. You can also use a Wood clamp/C clamp to provide a better grip and to push the new shaft threw with greater force.   We used Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 to model our tool and assemble its two main components, the axel holding shaft and the main body that the shaft goes through. Testing in inventor insured that both pieces would fit together properly as well as the axel in the main shaft and the main body and the C-channel.   Creating this piece has allowed us a fun and inventive way to review the design process and memorize it better. Through creating this piece we have learned the values of sketching and dimensioning that will help us later in life on our career pathways.  


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