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Entry ID #: 5502
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 12:11 PM

We were trying to solve the problem of over heating motors, by creating a propeller able to be driven by a standard 1/8 inch VEX shaft. This could also be used to manipulate field objects by using strong winds produced by the propeller. To create this propeller we used Autodesk Inventor and it has been perfected over a few months to be stable, while also using small amounts of material. From this project we learned how to create a 3-D model and also the ability to change an already known design and change it to be the best fit for what we are doing.On our VEX team we have decided to use 3-D modeling to plan out what our robot will look like, so we can determine flaws before the robot would be built. Not speaking for the rest of my team but I plan on being a mechanical engineer, 3-D modeler, or video editor and learning how to 3-D model will help immensely because I will be 3-D modeling designs in both mechanical engineering and 3-D modeling, and it's always good to have computer knowledge when video editing. I would also like to say that the propeller could be scaled differentely to fit different purposes such as scaling it larger to make manipulator or scaling it smaller to act as cooling fan.


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