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One Hole Bearing Flat


Entry ID #: 5516
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 12:22 PM

For the Vex VRC online CAD challenge sponsored by Autodesk, my team wanted to make a part that would make it easier to put a bearing flat on a shaft. In a lot of situations, it was very hard to put screws on a bearing flat because of tight spaces. So, we created a one hole bearing flat that snaps into the side through the hole of a Vex structural piece.   This part will be used to help a joint that is connected to a shaft not wiggle as much. And it will also make it easier to put a bearing flat on. The compact design of our part helps with the size limits as well.   We used Autodesk Fusion 360 Version 2.0.3800 to create this part. First, we used the Fusion 360 Patch command to fill a Vex 1x2x1x15 C-Channel hole. After that, we used the Extrude command to widen the component. Then we made a lip so it wouldn't slip through the C-Channel. In addition, we traced a Vex bearing flat hole to find the diameter which was 4.242. Then we used the Hole command to cut a hole with the diameter of 4.242. Then we added triangle shapes to the sides so you can slide the part into a Vex structural piece, but it won’t be able to slide out. Then we cut a triangle in the middle of our part to make it so you can squeeze the piece the part together to pop it out of a Vex structural piece hole.   Using Fusion 360 has helped us a lot with building our robot. We use Fusion 360 for a more efficient build, and so we don’t waste time building things that don’t work or things that don’t fit properly in our design parameters. In the future, if any of us want to be engineers we will have to be proficient with 3D modeling.      


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Here is a demonstration of our part working.