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Cookie Monsters


Entry ID #: 4545
Created: Sat, Jan 6, 2018 4:28 PM

            This photo is simple not cause it's easy but, it is like a family picture or portrait.  We have the smart people, athletic people, musicly talented people, and even adventurous people on our team. Now we or I typing this could say we all knew each other, have the bestest of friends for life, and then end this with "happily ever after" right  now. I won't. We have not been the best friends forever despite some of us have known each other since preschool. Caden,David, and James went to the same preschool, not knowing David went there till about 1 week ago when we were discusing our relationships. Now when I said we weren't the best of friends here is an example, it was Jame's Birthday Party ironicly robot themed and his mom is awesome at building cool sculptures out of Arts and Crafts supplies. When Caden he saw she had built a 6-foot tall robot with tinfoil, boxes, and other supplies. Amazing but, let's fastforward to the end. Caden and James got in a fight which they can't recall but, had something to do with a game and cheating. So Caden being about the biggest pre-scooler there knocked down the robot and until recently hadn't talked since. So the point of this wasn't to tell you the reader a story but, rather to tell you the reader something about us and not a something like "we lived happily ever after". We wanted something that's trully meanningfull like family. Wether kocking down a box robot with tinfoil wrapped around it or gossiping behind someones back if who we believe in wether it's God or someone else meant for something to happen, for greatness to be seen,for inspiration to strike within a room that has two foes. You must take that oppurtunity. It only takes that one lock of the eyes to know you can create something great. You know what, we did. We are 1231C the Cookie Monsters and we are going to eat away the compettion!   


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