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The Description of Shelter


Entry ID #: 4734
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 8:16 AM

When programming the automatic program, we found that when our robot retreats, the cone will block the rear wheel, which will lead to the deviation of the robot's walking route and make the autonomous period fail. By using the shelter, the cone would be knocked off instead of blocking the rear wheel. In this way, we can ensure our autonomous period success.

We design our own shelter by using Autodesk Inventor 2015. During the design period, we designed the size, shape and distance of the first hole (①) and the second hole (②) to be the same as those of VEX C-Channel. Besides, using fillets (③) to strengthen the strength of the designed part and using fillets (④) to reduce the impact between our robot and the field guardrail.

The design will make it easier for us to connect the designed part with the rear wheel frame directly with SCREW-832-0375 and NUT-832-KEPS.

Through designing our own shelter, we acquire the ability of three-dimensional observation. Therefore, we stick to using 3D design software in the future because of its powerful. We find out 3D design software could design accelerator, stress analysis, motion simulation and so on.


Each of us believe it could be very useful in our future works. Thanks to its multifunctional, we could make our own robot parts to let our robot more functional. We also sure it may allow us save more time to finding incredible ideas in our future career.


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