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Mapping Out the Field

Entry ID #: 4946
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 7:36 PM

My favorite part of being a Robotics team member is being able to implement art in a way that I cannot in other fields.  For example, I enjoy drawing diagrams, etc.

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   Chaozzero on 01/21/2018

Nice layout! Great job

   Rayner on 01/16/2018


   emilyray2003 on 01/16/2018

Looks great!

   Lypita on 01/13/2018

Good luck and Success

   Don75 on 01/12/2018

This is so cool!

   Gratify on 01/12/2018

Catchy caption! :)

   sbaeaglebots on 01/12/2018

Great Job!

   robotcantik on 01/12/2018

Wow.. nice shot!

   simayi on 01/12/2018


   liennguyent2013 on 01/12/2018