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Twelve Days of VEXMas


Entry ID #: 5301
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 7:59 AM

Our favorite time of year is December, the competition season is well underway, winter break is just around the corner and the festive holiday season permeates the air. Our robot even gets into the holiday spirit, this is what he gave us for VEXMas this year!

On the twelfth day of VEXMAS, my Robot gave to me….

Twelve Loose Screws

Eleven Missing Collars

Ten Wasted Zip Ties

Nine Dead Batteries

Eight Twisted Axles

Seven Broken Motors

Six Stripped Gears

Five Shiny Trophies

Four Amazing Teammates

Three Tournament Wins

Two Alliance Partners

And One Amazing Trip to VEX Worlds!!!


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