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Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 9:50 AM

Team 2919C

This is a team photo taken at the 2017 APAC competitions that was held in Rotorua. To us this photo represents many things. Throught our building of this robot the whole team was enthusiastic, hard working and always working colaborativley as a team to solve some of our hardest build problems. By the end of the build we had what we thought was a decent robot. Being quite a late build, APAC was out first competetive set of games, placing immense pressure on our new team member and driver. From autonomous sequences only sometimes running, to the robot driving over a cone and flipping itself, team 2919C suffered a dissapointing set of losses with our team ranking in the bottom 20 teams for all of APAC. Despite this we still managed to finish the competition, keeping our attitide positive the whole way through, constantly trying to fix our issues and not giving up. This image represents alot for our group, not only the hardships experienced at APAC but also how we managed to take our loss and convert it in to something meaningful for all of us, whether it be through our new found experience of this years game or the new found motivation we had to overcome our issues and push through to do better in the next competition. This photo represents how we as a team can unite and still stand up to the challenges that we will face later on in this season without getting discouraged.


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