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Photo from Vex Worlds Competiton 2017


Entry ID #: 5377
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 10:01 AM

Evan Williams

Grant Zydeck

Justin Sanderson

Sean Cornellier

Rahul Sethi


Last season our robotics team put in an immesnse amount of effort and will power into making our team the best it could possibly be. We put in effort into all areas without skipping out on any areas. We put work into mechanical, porgraming, skills, scouting, and match planning. On top of all this we even had a goal to work towards. One of the members on our robotics team, Justin Sanderson, his dad works in the army and he told us if we made it to the worlds competition he would come to it. We work extremly hard so justin could see his dad againt for the first time in a year. When we made it and met Justin's dad it really showed us how much we accomplished and how much this really meant to Justin. This is, in our team's eyes, the best thing we have accomplished in our years a team together. Without the help of everyone on our team i dont know if we could have done it, but either way we achieved a goal that will forever be remebered throughout out lives to come. 



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