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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Last season marked the tenth anniversary of the VEX Robotics World Championship, and after so many years of experience, we would love to see exactly what it is that you truly love about the program. Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VIQC, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


The Duality of Robotics


This picture represents the duality of robotics: the one fiercely competitive side is always ready for hard work with a great team, the other side is the memetastic relief after a long day at school.


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No Limits to the Heights You can Achieve


As a team we all love to watch our robot change and grow as the season goes on. Learning from our mistakes we learn to problem solve and overcome obstacles. We labeled this picture after how our robot this year progressed to stretch higher and higher to be able to stack cones more efficiently. In the same way both individually and as a team we learned to reach for higher goals in life just as we do in robotics.
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Dis Robot


It's alive!! This photo was taken shortly after the robot was powered on for the first time.The photo represents our team bond as we enter the final stretch for the regional championships.p

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A Conundrum while in a CBS TV Interview


The photo was of Lancers Robotics team being interviewed by CBS Sports between matches at 2017 Worlds. The CBS film crew caught the Lancers Robotics team right in the middle of fixing a problem with our robot. We had just finished a match shortly before and our robot was having difficulties. We needed the expertise of each of our team members to come together quickly to get us back competing again. We were fortunate to fix our problems to continue on competing that day. This showed the teamwork that contributed to our success in VEX competitions throughout the year.

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Post Tournament Smiles


Recognize that feeling? It's the feeling of accomplishment after a VEX VRC competition!

Team 114t - Lone Wolf Robotics

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Cone Heads


One day during a meeting I had the funny idea of us all being "cone heads." We as a team desided to have our first group picture expressing how nerdy we are. Left to right is Will (9th), Kobi (9th), Cody (10th), Dylyn (10th), and Conrad (10th). 

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Learning as a Team


A photo of our team collaborating and a description of our collaboration philosophy.

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A True Team


In this picture you can see many aspects of robotics like our robot, mobile goals and cones, but our main focus is our team we believe that in robotics you discover teamwork and how to work well as a team.

Paige Spodick

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Robotics Competition Fun


The Teamwork has to be strong to make a team work!  We spent all week preparing for this competition, we had been excited to be higher than our previous scoring at a competition.

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That Moment When...


That Moment When... A statement I too often say while I'm talking to my teammates or the teams we practice with. It is a statement that summarizes my favorite feeling in vex... surprise! There is nothing better than recounting old memories when something unexpected and amazing occurs in the lab! Such as the moment I accidentally threw the mobile goal with 9 cones stacked into the 10 point zone.

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4716B Sparks


Custom pieces with sparks!

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Hi, My name is Ryan Doctor and im from JJHS walter johnshon middle school.Im in one of the teams in robotics.My Robotics teacher is Mrs .Jablon.I would like to attend this compition.Thank you for reading


sincerely,Ryan Doctor

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5509A's Photography


these are the images of all the fun we are having with VEX Robotics

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Ready For The Competition


I have chosen this picture beacuse our team 92M is reeady to start thier first competition with a big bang bringing our smiles, spirit, and style!

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Mapping Out the Field


My favorite part of being a Robotics team member is being able to implement art in a way that I cannot in other fields.  For example, I enjoy drawing diagrams, etc.

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VEX Robotics Trophies


This picture is some of the trophies that our VEX Robotics program, including 3 different high schools, has won over the past 2 years. The front and center of the picture are trophies that were won at VEX Worlds during the 2016-2017 game, starstruck. Actually visable is the Think award, given for winning the autonomous period, and the Research Division Champion, given for winning our division at Worlds. Other trophies in the picture were won from different VEX competitions during the regular season.

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Breaking Robots = Bonding Experience


I love the process of designing a robot then finding a flaw in the plan, and going back to fix it. This program shows me a new way to look at the design process.

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VEX Photography Online Challenge


This picture was taken at the end of our first robotics tournament. We lost semifinals, but won the exellence award. As a surprise I, Jesse Sanchez, decided I would invite Yailin Chavez to Homecoming with me. We won the exellence award, so while Yailin got up to receive the award, the robot drove in raised up to show the poster. Once Yailin turned around to see us she shocked upon seeing the poster. She said yes to the invitation. 

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What robotics is to us


Great friends + amazing robots = magnificent memories 

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One Image - One Vex


This photo captures our team's feats and work through out time. it shows why our team sticks to vex and the fun in competitions.

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Last Minute Repairs


When your robot breaks in a match and you only got 3 minutes until your next match...

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Intense Concentration


Here you can see the members of team 91A working hard on their latest robot. This picture shows us at our prime when we we are highly concentrated and determined on working on the robot, (Basically when we're on a roll... Yeah, you know that feeling.)

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Robotics is beauty


This image shows how fantastic and beautiful can be the robotics un every way. It capture the motivación and dedicación that students apply.

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The Unknown Warriors


This photo displays behind the scenes of  the San Ysidro Robotic's team members. Although we have our own separate teams; we still contruibute with each other by giving ideas or helping to solve any issues that our teams may have with their robot. Having all teams collabrate with each other, it is something I have enjoyed about  Vex Robotics. As this being my first year in robotics, it has come with difficult challenges in programming along the way, but with the help of my teammates I've have...


The Art of Robotics


I love robotics, and I love art. My favorite thing about both is when I put them together. Creativity is so important in all aspects of robotics, especially in the design and building processes. Utilizing artistic skills is both crucial and rewarding in robotics, and it combines the two fields I love most. Robotics is not just STEM anymore—it’s STEAM.

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"Don't Leave Me Hanging!"


Our team loves VEX robotics because it is an opportunity to stretch ourselves in a fun and supportive environment. In this picture, we see two teams completely focused and working together to achieve a difficult high hang. At this moment, all other concerns have faded away, and we are completely focused on the task at hand. As time winds down and the adrenaline kicks in, the game is on the line. Two teams working hard toward a common goal: to win. Without this strong teamwork, teams would be a lot less successful. This picture shows the pressure and excitement that only VEX Robotics can...

Robot Family


Robots became a family.
Individually, we joined because we like building or programming or something else.
We came together with a desire to design, build and drive a robot.
We argued and compromised. We laughed and so much more.
Each setback came with needing repairs.
In the end, it meant a step forward to a better robot.
We all worked together and we grew as a team and as an extended family.
We encouraged each other and all our club’s teams and the teams we met.
We all work and help each other and even when we disagree.

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