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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Last season marked the tenth anniversary of the VEX Robotics World Championship, and after so many years of experience, we would love to see exactly what it is that you truly love about the program. Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VIQC, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


The Team behind the Robot


VEX is about creating a technical robot that fulfils all of the game’s challenges. Behind each robot there is a great team. A team that builds together collaborates, helps and supports each other. This can be seen with Team 3249A. All of the team members are working to create an innovative way to lift up the mobile goals.

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Team 359A Spreading Aloha!


After spending long hours working hard building the robot, team 359A celebrates their accomplishments by spreading the aloha. Aloha is a Hawaiian word that has many definitions, but in this example it is a way to show love and support to others. Teamwork is really important to team 359A, because without it they wouldn't be able to achieve their goals quickly and effectively.

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Even in failure...


Even in the face of failure, pure joy comes out of the complete lack of success in this game.

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Coming together


In this photo, you can see what I most enjoy about robotics. In the background, there is the rest of my team working on a part of the robot and I took the photo for the notebook which is a part of robotics I really enjoy. The photo shows all of the independent work of the team coming together to create a great robot.

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More Than Robotics


To us, VEX is more than just robotics. It's a platform for collaboration, for creativity, for teamwork. Through VEX, 4 students from all different grade levels can come together to create something amazing. 

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Hard Work in Progress


Throughout the robotics season, everyone faces challenges in robotics, but it's not just about the competition. From the beginning, not only is hard work inputted into the robot, but into the team itself and working together to think, do, and test together as one. What this photo represents is members of 98807F collaborating on the robot and when we first started working together as a team. Our journey brought us a long way improving as we go along but overall, this image is a reminder of how we work together unitedly.

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Euphoria After Lost Hope


At State, in the eighth alliance, I had lost all hope about us succeeding. We were faced against the first alliance, the whole day had been a train wreck, and I simply felt defeated. I had given up hope. And then, as the eighth alliance, we beat the first alliance, 2-0. When I heard that we had qualified for Worlds, I cried. That shock on my face was captured by my friend who managed to capture the moment. I vowed never to lose hope again. 

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Teamwork makes the dream work!


This photo represents the relief and contentment that comes from knowing all our hardwork is slowly beginning to pay off with what we like to call the 3 hat trick! We call it the 3 hat trick due to us winning 3 trophies from one tournament and we can make the W symbol pose. Not only do we feel accomplished of winning 3 trophies from one tournament, but it encourages us to be motivated and we thrive to continue to put in the hardwork just because of the relief knowing our work is being paid off slowly and were achieving our goals. 

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New friends, New heights


Vex Robotics has allowed students over the years to make friends with others even from different schools. That friendship makes this photo respresenting the thrill of your hard work being paid off, that much better.

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Wires and motors that do robot-y stuff


Our coach Mrs. Vetter once said "We have wires and motors and they do roboty stuff." Sometimes we have to get close and personal in order to thrive in robotics. We are a team and act as a team throughout hardware, software, online challenges, and every other aspect of our team. One person does not take on an aspect of our team. There's not one hardware person or software person. We are a team and we work through tasks and trials as not only a team but a family.

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Engineering At Its Finest


Sometimes a hammer won't fix your problem, so you have to push through and find another solution. Perhaps you have to use a soldering iron to melt a hole through the plastic. Who knows, the engineering process is a messy exciting thing.

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 We are extremely passionate and highly motivated about building robots.As a team, we always make sure to encourage team members to never give up even when we sometimes fail.

As one of the team members, I feel robotics has taught me so much. I have learned how to lead the team through communication, collaboration, and teamwork.Moreover, I have learned to share and express my own ideas with my teammates.Sometimes we as a team stay late at night to build a robot.We never lose hope and will continue what we do best: not giving up.I am really proud...

Trying new things


We believe that every person on the team should try each role, between the Engineering Notebook Lead, software, hardware, online challenges, and all else. In this picture we show Caleb and Isaac trying something new, with Kate's instruction, and doing an 'interesting job.' Sometimes you need to let people learn things and develop new skills by themselves instead of taking over and depriving them from learning something new. Sometimes you just need to stand back and smirk.

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The Excitement of New Parts


When the order comes out to a total more expensive than my phone of course I'm going to get excited at the arival of the enormous box. It's more than just money value though—it's the waiting potential of new ideas to tackle this years challenge, and there is no greater feeling than that.

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Polar Reactions


When we were given a new tool to use for robotics (a band saw), we recieved the news of "be careful, it could cut your fingers clean off before you feel anything or know what's going on." We bond through moments like this as a team, will remember them, and look back upon them fondly when we go our separate ways. 

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It's true, robotics isn't always pretty. Robotics is a huge mess sometimes. Parts flying, a mess everywhere, but it all comes together in the end and we see the benefit of our struggles and disorganization.

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Excitement At Worlds


At the end of the day all of the blood, sweat, tears, and hard work can be paid off through the amazing feeling of being a part of this competition. At the end of the day, there are hundreds of teams all over the world that are right there with us in the struggle that occurs sometimes, but also with us in the accomplishments and the thriving. We're all learning, every student around the world, and that's an amazing feeling to know we're not alone.

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The Way Of SCAU2


SCAU2 team record


July 2017

We come together from different majors and sail by dreams.

-8 month of July 2017

Each other is very strange that we communicate with each other, warm feelings.

August 2017

The first machine is formed, but it's just as immature as a newborn baby.

-9 month of August 2017

Revision and modification, the initial pattern of young and tender have not existed, but there are still a lot of problems.

October 2017

After programming, the machine has begun...

TSA National VEX competition Excellence Award


This past June, we traveled down to Orlando Florida to compete in the TSA National VEX Competition. After putting in over a year of work towards the Starstruck season, we walked away with first place excellence.

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Collaboration in Idea Generation


Although each team member has a very defined roll on our team, we feel that group collaboration with regard to the cross pollination of concepts is vital. This collaborative process assists us not only in idea generation but also in robot optimization.

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Failure is Part of Life



                                   ~LEN SCHLESINGER

Our team tried a double roller intake mounted on the back end of a double reverse 4-bar lift and this photo shows my frustration when it didn't work (too heavy)...we tried a short one...then...

Foundation for Success


This photo was taken at one of our team's builds. It features the notebook, reference materials, wires, cables, and computer that we use to make our robot happen. In the background hangs just a few awards we have won. The message of the photo is that, without tools and hard work, the awards could not have been won. It is because of the hard work in the foreground that we get to see the awards and and recognition in the background.  Ultimately, hard work builds the foundation for progress, and perseverance builds the foundation for success.

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Our First Excellence Award


We are a blended team consisting of Elementary and Middle School Students.  This is a group photograph of our team and the judges after receiving our first ever Excellence aware.  One member on the team has been involved in Vex IQ for three years and this was his first award in Vex Iq.

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Research Rules!!!


     My name is Faith Guy.    My favorite part of Robotics was working on the stem project and researching about the CTX Oven to learn more about it, using the Super 3 Research Method. I have been working on our stem project since August.  We researched at Chili's Restaurant and at home and school.  I chose this picture because I think it best shows how excited I am getting to do research on the computer. 

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Excellence for the Excellent


During the 2016 year, my uncle got diagnosed with colon cancer and had to be hospitalized until this last summer. During this time he was one of the most inspiring and excellent people, and I wanted more than nothing to win the excellence award at a tournament for him. The overwhelming feeling I got after showing him this trophy. He inspired me with all he knew and did that when he passed in the summer of 2017; I decided to dedicate this season to him.

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Our First Excellence Award


This is our first award as a team.  We are mixed level team consisting of 2 elementary students and 2 middle school students.  We have worked hard and perservere to achieve this award.  One student on the team has been in Vex IQ for three years and this is his first award.

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