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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Last season marked the tenth anniversary of the VEX Robotics World Championship, and after so many years of experience, we would love to see exactly what it is that you truly love about the program. Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VIQC, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


Dedication for Remembrance


This picture was taken by a photographer at the 2018 Hillsboro Robotics Tournament. Our celebratory stature wasn’t brought about winning an award, it was brought about getting to experience such a memorable time with the most supportive, hardworking teammates anyone could ever ask for. Go Tigers!

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The Team It Takes


We’re neither heroes nor geniuses.  We aren’t from the same backgrounds, and we aren’t the same age.

We are the motor that turns backwards.  We are the misplaced gear.  We are the code’s missing semi-colon.

Yet, we are Team 2602B.  We are the churning motors that bear the weight of the robot.  We are the reporting sensors that tell the arm’s position.  We are the never-ending lines of code crunched to operate it all.

We make a lot of mistakes, but we get back up every time, together, and we try...

The Spark


Vex sparked my interest into the engineering field in my 6th grade year of middle school, I feel that if you give vex a shot it will spark yours too.

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Happiness and Thinking


Throughout the year, we have experienced many emotions. This photo captures both the serious team collaboration aspect of VEX and the fun companionship experienced with your close teammates. 

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We had never noticed that energy, electric light, is a fundamental piece for robotics’ life. We realize this when one day we arrived to the workshop on a weekend to get prepared for a competition that was near, but we came to found out that the lights of the school were cut off. 

We went all over the school searching for one place that had electric light and were we could connect the batteries. And we finally did it… We know that energy and water do not get along but the washroom was our last hope. The funny thing is that it was the only place where we...

8301A bot


This robot show all of the hardwork and time my team and I put in the STEM  program.its able to  stack 11 cones on a mobile.and put that same mobile in to the 20 point zone

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Teamwork in Coding


This photograph captures the most important value in robotics: teamwork. Whether it is good communication or strong bond between the members, teamwork is an important part of robotics and without it, a team would simply fall apart. Pictured are two robotic students completing a code, exemplifying the traits of a good robotics engineer: determination, hardwork, good problem solving, and teamwork.

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The Diversity of STEM


This entry is about the infinite possibilities and ideas that can be shaped through a person's personality and background.  In the picture we see the big clearing for practice fields at the 2017 VEX Worlds.  We also see the teams, people, and spectators all gathered here with the robots sharing ideas amongst themselves.  I thought that a picture of the practice fields and all of the teams using them would be great for this challenge because of the many differences between each robot and team.

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A Universe of VEX


VEX is an interactive lens through which keen, young individuals can express and learn valuable skills of cooperation and sportsmanship. In the “Universe of VEX,” we sense power, cooperation, tenacity, and sheer concentration as hundreds of eager students, parents, and coaches gather to express their hard work and dedication to problem-solving. One can almost sense the intensity and seriousness of the room, but also kindness and sportsmanship towards all members. This is what makes VEX Robotics so special: its ability to join hundreds together to better themselves...

Community Involvement


Team 60X demonstrating their robot at a community event.

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Moving Parts


In every sense of the word, robotics is a challenge. Time and soul are constantly poured into an all-consuming vortex where 50 hours of work leads to a 1% difference in performance. But when everything comes together, and you and five others march to success like a well-oiled machine, it is magic.

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Teamwork Knows No Bounds


This summer our team traveled form Valley, Nebraska to Beijing, China to compete in the World Robotics Conference. When it came to alliance selection we got on a alliance with two teams from Shanghai, China. Through troubles in communicating we were able to come out victorious and win the tournament.  

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My Favorite Things


I picked this picture because Pokemon Go! makes me happy and robotics makes me happy! The pokemon’s name is Charmander and Charmander is my favorite which makes me happier. I put the robot in the picture to show my love of robotics with my love of Pokemon.  This picture is of my two favorite things! 


Roz O.

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Never Want to Leave


The dog, Lizzy, loves to climb onto the IQ course and not leave. It replicates the teamspirit VARC has to stick with it till the end. 

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Working on the Robot


Here is a picture of our team member hard at work on our skills robot. You can see the subtle corner of our programming laptop in the foreground as it contrasts with the bins of parts. 

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Awesome Axle Sparks of Innovation


This image highlights moments of complete engagement that I love to experience while building VEX robots. These moments encapsulate the powerful, progressive spirit of developing technology and driving creativity. The scene of the subject (Pranav) being wholly invested in his work while surrounded by tools and game objects represents the energizing, high potential environment VEX fosters. As a final note, Pranav demonstrates that even with sparks flying in his face, the safety precautions and materials promoted by VEX still allows him to cut and reshape building...

Catapulting into 2018


I'm so sorry for the pun. Otherwise, pictured is a John Hardin Vex student helping some local kids operate a catapult we built earlier in the year. This picture was taken at the Louisville maker faire during the late summer, an event that we volunteer at annually.

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Two Hardware Guys and a Programmer


Sometimes the elimination rounds call for the installation of more hardware... (in less than 10 minutes)

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A Different Form of Multi-tasking


It happened during the Worlds Division finals, in-between Final 2 and 3. 

The motors for the lift were dying and the entire team worked on the robot at the same time to change the motors (and the usual post-match maintenance) in 5 min.

Truly a different type/definition of multi-tasking - with many hands working on one robot at the same time.

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NationĀ“s Pride


It isn´t a world championship without different contries, that includes cultures, traditions and to be proud from where you come.

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Nothing Will Stop Us


Even though we are only middle schoolers and still short, that does not stop us from joining high/middle school competitions! Our height does not stop us from strategizing with our high school alliance. We know it will be harder to win and to get to the finals. But, we still enjoy the tournaments because the high school robots are more advanced and we get to learn from them.

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What I truly love about being involved in robotics is, that everybody has something in common with each other that makes bonding even stronger. We became a family that guides each other when mistakes occur and celebrate when success is obtained. I never taught that robotics would open doors to new problems,friendships,and opportunities which just makes me fall in love with the program.

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Many Hearts, One Mind


This image depicts multiple members of our club intently engaged in a scrimmage, seeking to highlight the timeless, generation-bridging nature of VEX, with people of all years congregating to share their passion in robotics. Although competitive robotics is a demanding sport which requires wholehearted dedication, quick thinking and rigorous analysis, the image demonstrates that it is more than just about the game. It showcases the central human aspect of robotics, where members of newer and older generations come together to forge a strong sense of camaraderie, mutual respect and...

A Simple Base Can Lead To More


I chose to submit the photo of a simple base with a few wheels and motors. I chose this because I want to display how a base is all anybody really needs because it is meant as the foundation that will help with becoming something bigger. This also shows what I love about being invclved in robotics, and it is that it teaches you how to go from something small and simple to unique and innovative. This applies to both building a robot and VEX in general. VEX is a base for robotics, as it is already something becoming even larger and more ambitious. VEX is helping robotics become...

Competitions and Trials


What I love most about VEX robotics is the competitions. These competitions are stressful, but also fun and exciting. Throughout competitions, there is success, but also failure, and through where we lack, we can learn to improve to be able to perform better. The competitions are not just about competing, but are also about growth, whether we win or lose, we can improve from our mistakes and from inspiration from the teams around us; starting from our first VEX Qualifier, all the way to the VEX WORLDS competition.  Even when we fail, we are not done yet.

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Team Sportsmanship


This photo shows our team applauding a rookie team which made it to finals on an the opposing alliance. At the end of the day it's always important to be sportsmanlike no matter if you win or lose.

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How Could This Happen To Me?


The end result of not your average Quarterfinal 4-1. Yes, there is such thing as too much defense, 929S!

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Prior to the Fall of the VEX Ring Tower


The best part of robotics is having fun. I built a 60 ring tower for fun in between practices and took a photo of the inside of the stack of rings before it became taller than me. Afterwards, I knocked the tower down with our robot. I already have a lot of fun being in robotics but this made it even more fun! 

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