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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Last season marked the tenth anniversary of the VEX Robotics World Championship, and after so many years of experience, we would love to see exactly what it is that you truly love about the program. Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VIQC, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.




The morning before a regional competition, Eric of team 9932G cuts into an aluminum channel, letting the sparks fly. The spirit and experience of building robots is what draws us to VEX.

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7479 Team Photo "Teamwork"


Our photo represents the nature of our team and how we are able to work past our differences and pull together in a time to need. It has been used by our team to represent all the hard work and effort that went into getting us into that position and also represents the passion we all have to robotics and the stem field. Taken at the 2017 Vex Worlds Tournament, it motivates us to push harder then we previously had and continue to strive for the best to hopefully get us back in that position in the future.

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Rocket like an Astrobot!


The fabulous volunteers we meet along our journey in VEX is one of my favorite aspects of robotics. From our coaches and mentors to event partners and volunteers who work so tirelessly so we can reach our full potential in VEX Robotics.

At VEX Worlds, the Head Referee of the Opportunity Division was in a world of his own. By the end of the week we inducted him in as an honoray member of our team, the Astrobotz! He made our trip to Worlds the most amazing experience. Wearing our rocket jet pack, crazy fedoras and purple tutus, he...

Creating World Class Competitors


How does a middle school team go from being new to Vex Robotics to competing on the world stage? By fostering a love for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics......At Patriot HS, we seek to spark interest in S.T.E.M for middle schoolers by mentoring and giving back our  knowledge in the aspects of designing, building, and programming. This picture shows our team mentoring a local middle school team and creating their interest in STEM by becoming competitors in the VEX robotics program on the world stage.

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Magic Weeb Suit


This Picture captures the essence of what Vex robotics is all about. As Vex is not only about the competition, the learning environment, and robotics, it is also a place that brings the community together and invigorates individual and team spirit. I love how I am able to be myself and become a unique asset of vex as I wear my cardboard costume and making people smile.

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Twelve Days of VEXMas


Our favorite time of year is December, the competition season is well underway, winter break is just around the corner and the festive holiday season permeates the air. Our robot even gets into the holiday spirit, this is what he gave us for VEXMas this year!

On the twelfth day of VEXMAS, my Robot gave to me….

Twelve Loose Screws

Eleven Missing Collars

Ten Wasted Zip Ties

Nine Dead Batteries

Eight Twisted Axles

Seven Broken Motors

Six Stripped...

From one Titan to another


This was a picture of Titan Family Fest.  Where families came out and saw all the great activities that are happening at the different schools.  The high school mascot was there and it meet one of the Robots that were greeting the little kids and parents. 

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Eat. Sleep. Robotics. Repeat.


Eat. Sleep. Robotics. Repeat. This is our team motto and half of the reason our robot is named NDO_ROBO (No Days Off Robot) because we are dedicated to robotics. We put in so much time and effort to be the best that we can be this season. Through all of our struggles we persevered and won our first competition, in less than 12 months, at the Brookside Tournament taking home first place as a team! It is our passion to improve upon our skills scores, teamwork, and robot everyday we practice and we can only get better from here!

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VEX IQ Problem Solving


In this picture, some scores were wrong at a VEX IQ tournament. Our head refferee, Chase Croley, was settling the dispute with the coach of that team and the tournament manager, Nathan Foullong. With a polite attitude and clear minds, the management team solved the issue.

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Path to Victory


After a long day of frustration, head cols, and dedication, team 2886B acheived that champion title at the Shelbyville Tournament. THis picture has us positined in a way the directs the viewer's eyes towards the trophy, symboizing the "path" to our victory.

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1575B Inspiring Engineers


    This picture, to me, showed how much passing my passion for engineering means to me. It says that without newer and greater engineers, STEM won’t continue. It portrays past experience and skill working with its future. The future. In this photo, I see a future where inspired engineers around the globe move forward, together, to create their future, and that future’s future. This photo, to me, in and of itself, is the STEM future.

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Hard Work Shows Results


This is the entry for Hadley Jones, a member of team 32545A. She says:

I chose this photo for my entry because it captures part of why I do VEX; the payoff for hard work. This year, we're fortunate enough to have been very successful in our tournament efforts so far. I get extreme joy out seeing results become real. I know it's not all about trophies, but recognition for a job well done is a very satisfying thing.

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The Result of Dedication


At a competition 2 one man teams come home with 4 awards including design and excellence. Through passion and dedication these teams have been successful. 

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Unity in Stickers


This is the entry for Ellen Sego, a member of 32545A. She wrote:

Vex, to me, is a single point that all participants agree on. It is something that connects and unites total strangers on opposite ends of the world.  It is a common thread that ties hundreds of thousands of people together. This picture shows how all members of the vex community, no matter what team they are on, can unite in the name of robotics. A high school team put one of our teams stickers on their own robot. We were very happy to see that.

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Shanghai Yongchang D


we are team 8193D from Shanghai Yongchang Private School. Everyone in our team love this comprtition very much. We have already prepared for the game for a long time. See you in Louisville in this April.


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Yes! I told you that it would work this time


We were tweaking our program to score the blue rings.

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Working with Others



It is as important to be kind to other teams as it is your own, in the end, who won won't matter.

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2919C's Learning Experience


Team 2919C

This is a team photo taken at the 2017 APAC competitions that was held in Rotorua. To us this photo represents many things. Throught our building of this robot the whole team was enthusiastic, hard working and always working colaborativley as a team to solve some of our hardest build problems. By the end of the build we had what we thought was a decent robot. Being quite a late build, APAC was out first competetive set of games, placing immense pressure on our new team member and driver. From autonomous sequences only sometimes running, to the robot...

Jumping for Joy- I'm so happy!


After coming so close before, we were so happy when we finally won the teamwork challenge!

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Friendships in Robotics


This photo represents the bonds made through robotics. I have met my closest friends through being on the robotics team. Through VEX I learned how to work with a small team to solve difficult tasks, while also befriending those teammates in the process. This photo reminds me to have fun with the work I do and to find friendships with those I work with.

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Photo from Vex Worlds Competiton 2017


Evan Williams

Grant Zydeck

Justin Sanderson

Sean Cornellier

Rahul Sethi


Last season our robotics team put in an immesnse amount of effort and will power into making our team the best it could possibly be. We put in effort into all areas without skipping out on any areas. We put work into mechanical, porgraming, skills, scouting, and match planning. On top of all this we even had a goal to work towards. One of the members on our robotics team, Justin Sanderson, his dad works in the army and he told us if we made it to...

Relief of Voctory


This was taken in the final championship match where in the closing seconds I stacked ten cones on a mobile goal to win the game and tournament.

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I knew we could do it!


We worked really hard to improve our driving and autonomous.  We won both Excellence and Tournament Champion Awards.  All our hard work paid off!

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Robot Time


For Robot Time I was having an extremely enjoyable time. I was knocking down the stacks and going for the big twenty point knock down. I really enjoy driving during Robot Time.

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We always have liked to put a name to our robot, since we saw the the new challenge in last year's World Championship we decided to call our robot Sharkbait Uh ha ha (Like on Finding Nemo). After the World's we went to Target and there was a Nemo's teddy and we asked our coach to bought it for us. In that moment we knew it was going be our biggest support in the worst moments and also match with our robot. 

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Look, it's us!


Our team came in third place in our first tournament!

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109A =Teamwork


We took this picture while we were attending the GeorgiaTSA Fall Leadership Conference. The picture shows the intense teamwork between 2 members (Hyuk and Praharsha) of 109A during the match. 

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A Learning Experience


The picture depicts a an early season moment in which we invited new entrees to our club, Gael Force Robotics to a day of VEX introduction. Two groups were formed(each armed with a senior member of 5327X) to form their own side of a reverse double four bar lift, competing against each other to build a more quality unit. The event was fun for the whole party and remains a heartwarming memory among members of 5327X :).

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