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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Last season marked the tenth anniversary of the VEX Robotics World Championship, and after so many years of experience, we would love to see exactly what it is that you truly love about the program. Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VIQC, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


Watch out, We cause some Major Trouble


These are our team members Autumn and Tori posing with our robot for a humorous shot. I really enjoy this photo because it shows that we both know how to have fun and to build an awesome robot.

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"El talento gana partidos, pero el trabajo en...


Our biggest goal for the year 2017 was to bring a good robot for the regional Vex Robotics competition, really a dream to fulfill was to win the competition, which was not only a dream but also a great reality, to achieve this our work was arduous Even Saturdays working late in school at the same time the unit that is in the team was great help to develop a good job. In the competition we saw ourselves as a family unit two teams fighting for the same goal. ¡The work is reflected in the results!

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The connection

Melanie Richards

In 2017 Vex IQ crossover, there were magnets placed onto the field. But my team discovered another kind of magnet, and that was the love for robotics. In this picture we truly express the fact that no matter where we are from, We can essentially "connect" like how magnets do.

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On this picture our team is working on our autonomous which has to put the mobile goal into the 20 point zone. Joshua and Chris are working on the program. Lily and Justin are measuring the distance between the robot and the mobile goal.

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A Robot is a Family


This photo shows my family. Each person would need each other to complete a tedious task that requires more than one person. If we had more selfless people, the world would be a better place. I’m trying to spread my belief by treating individuals as my friend. Teamwork is major in robotics and it becomes a family which is valuable in life. Building a robot with “family” shows there’s something special within the individuals you perceive everyday. “A robot is a family”—it has a lot of pieces that, when joined together, work to complete what it is...

Victory celebration


After days and weeks of long practices, when competition day comes we celebrate with a well earned victory. In this picture you can see in my face a look of excitement and joy after a match where the blue team comes out on top. Celebrating with my teammates is definitely my favorite part of VEX as it shows all the hard work and dedication we have put in to get to this point.

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Contrasting Elements


This represents how two constasting figures can meet and make the photo that we took. Showing the several aspects  of our robot, and having a severly green background,  to contrast those elements, allowing for our robot to stand out.


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We are the team,We are together!


Focus on the moment,we love so we insist……


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Then and Now


“Then and Now” shows two generations of VEX Jets getting their robots ready to compete. The older Vex Jets in the background are faded because they have moved on to High School and have started their very own VEX team. Although they may have moved on to a different school and onto different teams, they are still VEX Jets at heart. In the front, is a present VEX Jet who is progressing in her robotics career. All together, Then and Now shows the past and the present of the VEX Jets.

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Writing with a hand led by a heart


VEX is what I love. A huge part of my passion for VEX is documenting every part of it. From the engineering notebook to our scrapbook to videos. I can’t help but add every detail to all of them. When I write it’s a way for me to communicate my passion for VEX to others. I know when years pass I’ll look back at these with nostalgia and miss all of it. My team, the competition, and every other aspect included in VEX. 

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Sparks (918D)


What I like most about robotics is that you have the power to create something like you, a humanoid. It's conceptually wonderful that you can, in a way, create life. And, the sparks flying off of metal signify that you are working industrially, which is a sector that is increasing dramatically.

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Co-opetition in Action


In this photo , our team Rockin’ Robots (in white T-shirts) is working with a competitor in order to achieve the common goal.It is amazing to feel and share our ideas and thoughts with others in Teamwork Challenge.

Co-opetition = Co-operation+Competition

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Seeing Sparks


As we were working on our robot, we encountered issues on spacing within our towers. Our solution with that issues was not to use shorter screws, but to grind them down to make them even more spacious. As we were grinding the screws down for more space, we started seeing sparks during the night and made us realize how our robot has come a long way, and had many upgrades, and many more to come in the future.

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A Work in Progress


Building, although messy, is a crutial part of every robot. Without it, the robot would just be an idea. Getting ready for a competition may be stressful, but overall it is lots of fun!

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Vex photography


when you do vex photography you have do write what your team does everyday and you need to take pictures of your teams reflections and descripions of them an you need a journal then you can go on a computer and make printed photos 

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Not just a team


We love building, programming, scouting and documenting.  But sometimes we have to take some money to help us.  But our favorite part isn't just helping each other build, or finding out a solution.  It is finding a way to give back and improve our reputation. As our coach said, " We don't want to be known for taking and taking, we want to show that we are a good team and take any chance we can to give back." So we love giving back as a win win!

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Robotics Friends


Being on diffent teams does not separate our friendship.

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The Strength of a Chain


The picture shown is a chain. If one part breaks the whole thing fails. Just like in our team, when we all communicate and work together, it is stronger than the individuals. This is why we are called the atomz. We are strong by ourselves, but when we bond as a team it makes a bond that cannot be broken. It took forever to split an atom but our team will never break.

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This is what the N.E.R.D.S. behind Robotics really are. Noble. Energetic. Robotics. Diverse. Smart. We are what brings the world forward as working as a team.

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Fun and Educational!


In this picture, two teammates have fun while coding. This picture shows how robotics can be fun and educational. The teammate's expressions show their fun and joy of learning something new!

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VEX Photography Online Challenge


Robotics is a great way to make friends, learn leadership skills, and learn how to work well with a large variety of people in a close-knit, hands-on environment. My favorite aspect of Robotics is working with my teammates, some of whom I just met. The best part about it is that you have to learn to be able to work and compromise with any personality type, otherwise you will not succeed.

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Two-Sided Mirror


A photo of two people in a robotics team: A programmer and an engineer. The computer screen of the programmer is reflecting the engineer's robot, as if showing that a robot cannot be complete without a program that reflects it. The programmer and the engineer is always one team that reflects each other like a two-sided mirror.

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3946R Photography Challenge


We were experiencing some adversity with our proportional control code for our lift. After iterating our code extensively, we asked for help from one of our clubs experienced high schoolers, Uly. With his knowledge of code, Uly helped us resolve the issue we were experiencing in our code. He helped us change our mathematical equations to be more accurate and easier to understand, keeping our code much more organized. At Kent Denver Robotics, we value that our robot was built and coded by only our students. However, we do appreciate and grow from the aid from our experienced high...


918C - Hyde Park


This is our photo of our team. Our bot is in the bottom corner, It is in the proccess of being rebuilt. Matthew, Josh Seth, and Juan are working on the base. While Aryan, Jesse, Brandon, Akash, and Craig. We all have amazing teamwork!!Amr2KzsV91MDiB9V9oyKfpbOxHCC


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