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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Last season marked the tenth anniversary of the VEX Robotics World Championship, and after so many years of experience, we would love to see exactly what it is that you truly love about the program. Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VIQC, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


Robotics is a Lot of Firsts


Robotics is a lot of firsts.  It brings kids like me together for the first time to share our academic talents to learn engineering and robots.  Learning to work as a team is a first.   Making friends that become almost like family is a first.  Traveling brings more firsts.  While traveling from Johnson County to Brentwood, TN (a first time traveling out of Johnson County for some of our team) we stopped at a mall for lunch.  After lunch another first occurred when many of us went to get coffee at Starbucks.   That’s what robotics is, a...

The Sweets and The Sours of Teamwork


Robotics is hard, like a Jolly Rancher. But overcoming challenges is still as enjoyably as Laffy Taffys! Teams can be bitter, like Sour Skittles, but we're always full of Snickers by the end! All together we are like bubble gum. We are individuals who see the different perspectives of robotics; Alone we only see the hard parts. But when we mush together as a team, we create a bubble around us. So, when we continue having fun as a team, the bubble grows - filled with our love for robotics - and NO ONE can pop it!


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One of our senior members, Nick (12th Grade), (at the grinding wheel) is teaching one of our new team members, Saaim (9th Grade), proper safety, and techniques when using powertools. 

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Laughter in Times of Trouble


This picture represents the laughter and fun we have as a team. We were finishing up the gearing of the lift and felt almost stumped. Although, through the times of struggle, we just laughed and remembered why we are doing this. I would not say we are a team, because we are more. We are a family that loves to build and never gave up. The title is "Laughter in Times of Trouble" because even though we do have issues, we look at the positive side and build at a different point of view. We love what we do.

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Intelligence is the new pretty!


In our academy we visit different schools to show children what can be built with VEX ROBOTICS material, and we are very interested in having more girls join our project each year.

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La Robótica Influyendo En Mentes De Los Más...


Bueno pues primero empieza por mí, cuando estudiaba en prepa, visite la UTEZ  ahí fue donde yo conocí los robots VEX, mis compañeros ya trabajaban en esto y desde esa vez me propuse una meta y fue estar en VEX y manejar esos robots que yo veía y pues me esforcé demasiado para entrar a la universidad y de ahí entrar a los equipos de robótica VEX no fue fácil pero lo logre, de ahí trabajando y trabajando duramente en los robots y conociendo un mundo de posibilidades, cada día aprendí algo nuevo, se...

Committed to Excellence


Committed to Excellence     

     My favorite part of participating in VEX is the drive to learn new things and improve engineering skills. In this photo, team member Ryan is working on a new gearing system for the umpteenth time -- aiming for a faster, more stable drivetrain. In the background is our task board, which is used to keep each member of the team working productively on an important task. Not only does this help us to work efficiently together, but it is an extremely useful skill for use in a future professional...

Diversity in Skill


Our team is very diverse in our skills and abilities. We work hard through our own passion and capability, but at the same time we cooperate and help the team as a whole to suceed. We all love how Vex allows us to be unique in our own way through our different skills allowing us to be ourselves. 

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A typical practice


We may compete against each other during competions but in between we all work together. The picture contains both middle and high school team members gathed around the field to watch a practice match.  

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We'll be teacher in the future,We are teaching...


During VEX robot China trials (Zhuhai) competition gap, SNNU team members adhering to make propaganda for robot education, develop the competition spirit,explain the contest content for the visitors enthusiasticly , conduct  science education, deepened their understanding of the robot, but also inspired Children's interest in robotics .which had become a beautiful scenery on the competition field. We hope more people like and participate in VEX events.

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Shanghai Yongchang D


We are team 8193D from Shanghai Yongchang Private School. We think this competition is good for the teenagers to play. Some of us have played VEX for about 2 years. This year,we will see you in April. Are you ready?

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            This photo shows something that motivates me the most. It shows trust, love, and family. The people that I have met in robotics, are people that I have grown profoundly from. I am glad that I have such a supportive group around me and I’m glad that I am able to call them family. This photo shows the bond between five high schoolers who are able to retain a relationship no matter the struggle. This photo shows my favorite thing about robotics.

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Game Day


I like this photo as it shows the awards at a VEX competition, and in the background you can see some teams competing for those awards.

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Cookie Monsters


            This photo is simple not cause it's easy but, it is like a family picture or portrait.  We have the smart people, athletic people, musicly talented people, and even adventurous people on our team. Now we or I typing this could say we all knew each other, have the bestest of friends for life, and then end this with "happily ever after" right  now. I won't. We have not been the best friends forever despite some of us have known each other since preschool. Caden,David, and James went to the same preschool, not knowing David...

Helping Everywhere We Can


Team 5776X is definitely not a foreigner to Vex Robotics. Yes, it is their first year, but they were gifted enough to receive tutoring from their seniors in ninth grade. Now they kick off their pilot year with the same giving attitude their seniors showed to them. They find each and every opportunity to help those around them. With no prior knowledge of ethnicity, grade or even their name, the members of team 5776X are willing to help everyone prosper and uphold the principles they hold dear. In this picture the members teach a middle schooler about a process called automated...

Creativity is intelligence having fun


We all love to be creative, and love building and playing with robots. We girls, love makeup,  and the best part is we build our Vex IQ robots to do makeup for us. The robots also do good in competition and make us win. It's exciting, challenging and lots of fun. We all are very passionate about robotics. We want to continue robotics forever.

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Working with all sorts of personalities


I enjoy Working with all the different peopel and meeting others throught the competition. The different ppersonalities and quirks makes working with otehrs hard soemtiems btu mostly it makes it Interesting.

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Creative STEM learning to save lives


Our VEXIQ STEM project interview was with Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Bomb Squad with a robot. That was two hours of detailed interview, creative learning and discussion. When I wore the bomb squad helmet it felt more pressure on me from not falling, but to save the lives and to not give up when things are hard. Inspirational learning experience that make me the future innovation leader; we are the future designers of robots that will always save lives without the loss of another life or robot.

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The first time you enter the robotics room it feels like it’s filled with people not like you in any way. Boys, Girls. Different clicks. Different races. From different parts of town. Different backgrounds. Different in every way except one. A love for robots. And suddenly we are all alike in every way. We no longer see those in the room as different. We are instead focused on a single mission. A single task. So simple that all we see is hands, parts, brains, more parts, hands….. Until suddenly that collective group of hands forms a single incredible robot.The first time you...




I’m drawn to this work, but do I know enough to fit in? The fear overcomes me for a brief moment. But then, out of nowhere, she appears. Not a boss, not a know-it-all. But a leader. A true leader who helps me, molds me, mentors me, and wants me to succeed. I now feel like I belong, that I have true value here. And I instantly aspire to be just like her next year!

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Collaboration towards Success


By emphasizing on small pieces in the front and blurring the robot we have created in the background, this image shows that solely, these pieces are meaningless, but when they are unified, they create something phenomenal.  As individuals, we cannot achieve success nor exemplify greatness in this competition. However, just like these pieces, when our talents are brought together we don't only fulfil the task but also exceed expectations. We strongly believe there should be more focus on collaboration than competition.

Individually we are all smart, but when we come...

Notebook Contributions


This photo shows how I️ can use my writing talents to help the team. Despite not being a builder, I️ can still contribute to a program driving he future.

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Dream Big


Every kid dreams of being something, and we aspire to introduce robotics as a dream job along side of fire fighter, police officer, and military personnel. 

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Hard at Work


Our Robotics Club has 25 teams, of which 11 participate in VRC. This photo depicts 9 of our teams hard at work. As is the case in this photo, the lab often gets so full that teams who arrive late need to overflow to an adjacent lab!

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