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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Last season marked the tenth anniversary of the VEX Robotics World Championship, and after so many years of experience, we would love to see exactly what it is that you truly love about the program. Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VIQC, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.





As a team we all love to watch our robot grow as the season goes on. We labeled this picture after how the robot this year progressed to stretch higher and higher to be able to stack cones efficiently.

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Full team reaction after Florida State...


This photograph represents the emotion and enthusiasm we all share for vex robotics. Our team went to the state championships not expecting to win, being knocked out on semi-finals. But we were awarded the excellence award which granted a spot in the vex world tournament. This photo was taken right after the award was given to our team. It shows every member of the team overjoyed, as well as our advisor cheering out of joy. Overall this picture is a perfect example of how much pride is exerted over the topic of robotics.

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This photo encapsulates my favorite part of robotics: teamwork. A huge part of working on a robot involves teamwork. Everyone in the picture is working together on the bot in some way, whether actually building on the bot, providing guidance, or retreving parts. Each member is essential to the building process and needs to work cooperatively with each other in order to complete our desired tasks. This is what robotics means to me: being able to bring a group of people together with a variety of ideas and directions and unite them under a single purpose.

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Backseat Builders


The image i chose show the majority of my team discussing the new disign for our bots towers, i named it backseat building since only one of my team members was touching it since there was limited space. This image has to be my favorite picture that i have every taken during robotics not only because of some of my team members ridiculous poses but also becuase it shows them all working and brain storming as a team

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9364X: Xcellence Under Construction


Putting ourselves into the game to have a clearer perspective of our ultimate goal.

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The best part developing VEX projects in elementary school is not just about researching, creating and learning. It is about enjoying every step and being amazed with the small things. We are the first robotics team that our school have, so we wanted to show our classmates what is this about and share what we have learnt. We enjoyed a lot this exhibition and for sure they too. 

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Half Metal Jackets 1296A In the Pits


After each round of competiton team members hurry back to the pit to check on changing batteries, tightening screws, and toubleshooting for anything that might have gone wrong during the competition.

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Problem Solving


Problem Solving

One of the things VEXIQ teaches us is how to be good problem solvers. In this picture I am fixing the robot in between matches. One of the parts became loose. I found it and put it back together. I also added an extra connector to make it stronger.

Problem Solving

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Winning Cone


This photo represents that all the teams are equals, the cone represents a team, if we join our abilities and work together we create a cone, behind this cone we can see another one which has fallen, representing a team that has lost the competition. 

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Team Work


I have chosen this image because it is a clear sign of teamwork, each one is responsible for their part to build the robot in an optimal way. One of the most important things about teamwork is the organization that is what this photo represents.



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Energy In Synergy


"What difficult times?"  Everything was easy because we worked together as a team, with such energy, we reached our goals and accomplished such feats that we had never even thought were possible. One thing I learned in VEX Robotics and probably the best thing is the value of teamwork!.

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I love when our team's builder and programmer work together to optimize the robot. The process sometimes can be chanllegeing but the in the end what is truly important is the time that our teammates have spend together. 

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VEX Photography Online Challenge: A passion for...


This is an image of one of our builders jackson, he shows passion in his work and loves explaining what we're doing even if the only people who will listen is kids

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Friends who build together win together!


Walking into a tournament you immediately feel nervous. After your first match, you start to get your foothold on where you stand. You climb the ladder to victory; you gasp and relish in the euphoria and glory. However, instead of remembering the ultimate display, the pinnacle, the final step, you remember the small moments and the little foothills in your daunting sojourn. People say that teamwork and establishing good company are cliched. They are, but that’s because those feelings come naturally to people. They’re important because you need them, and that’s...

"Work hard, live great"



We can observe in the photograph elemental things such as gears that symbolize physics and mechanics, symbolize also computers that shows 3d designs and programming, gloves which symbolize hard work and security. The main joystick linked to the partner joystick symbolizing teamwork. The robot who lifts his arms up, stacking the eleventh cone, showing the process towards excellence.

Robotics is a science that relies in technology, design, engineering, physics, mathematics that applies to robots. This is an opportunity for me to let go my imagination without limits...


When one teaches, Two learn


This photo shows, the quality and delivery of our students to show the importance of robotics and STEM, the methodology applied to students is that what they learn they can explain in a simpler and easier way for later mentors reinforce knowledge and address new topics and these do not have a difficult understanding

This year has been great for our UTGZ Robotics STEM Academy

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This picture illustrates our team as a whole. We chose to take the picture as we did in a group to illustrate how close we are as friends and even more so a family. We meet almost every day whether to work on the robot or hang out as friends. Robotics has served as a bridge to bring us together and allow us to share some of the best moments of our lives.

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Excellence Award :-)!


Robotics isn't all about winning - but it is sure a nice surprise sometimes!

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Lancers Robotics Middle School Team 6986C...


The picture was taken after our robot was completed and demonstrates our strong teamwork, creativity, organization and enthusiasm. All members were intrigued and contributed to the process of building the robot. The expertise of each member has contributed to the team’s success. Each part of the robot was painstakingly constructed and assembled from many parts, such as c-channels, axels, screws, collars, nuts, gears, spacers, etc. The accomplishment of building our robot has shown our team spirit which we define as solidarity, mutual assistance and striving for a common goal. We are...
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I Love Robotics! Do You?


In robotics, there are so many value components that can be learned for a successful future. I hope this photo conveys my absolute gratitude for the many people that help myself and other students become prepared for the future. I love robotics and I hope you do too!

The image will appear upside down, due to my inability to fix it. Sorry.


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Co-operation = Sensation


If you work hard with passion and co-operate with each other, there will always be a reward at the end.

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1 mm difference


"It's the little details that are vital.

Little things make big things happen."

- John Wooden

The tiniest difference in spaces can affect the construction, and these seemingly inconsequential errors can affect the overall performance of the robot.

Here, one of our builders is seeing whether an additional 1 mm washer can enhance the stability of the mobile goal intake to improve its accuracy.

Our image aims to show the lengths teams go to in order to make the robot as mechanically ideal...

Teaching Future Generation


Demonstrating the VEX Robotics Competition challenges faced in the matches, and teaching the future generation how precise positioning impact the outcome of the Autonomous and match.



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Circuit Girls Love Vex


Our all-girls robotics team, the Circuit Girls, absolutely loved designing our robot. We also love spending time together and applying our creativity in other ways - especially if glitter is involved! We're having a great year. We're learning a lot and can't wait for more competitions! 


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It's not always about winning.


In VEX, as in most aspects in life, its not about winning, its about doing what you like, finding something enjoyable in everything you do.

 VEX its about teamwork, dedication, not giving up, celebrating achievements and learning about mistakes, as everywhere else.

VEX is more than just a robotics program, in VEX you learn to live. 

-Team 99691E

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