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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Last season marked the tenth anniversary of the VEX Robotics World Championship, and after so many years of experience, we would love to see exactly what it is that you truly love about the program. Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VIQC, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


Having fun in the zone


This is a submission for the online photography challenge.

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Lighting Up Our Future


Our Vex team, Phoenix Lights, is based on this principle: student-founded and student-led. Here, Nathan, a Phoenix Lights graduated member and Vex-U competitor, is teaching a new student, Ruthanne, how to design with CAD. This photo represents what Vex means to us- a group of students learning from Vex and frrom each other to compete in a fun and exciting STEM program.

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Photography Online Challenge


This photo includes me (second on the right) and my teammates after we had won Tournament Champions in League Finals. While winning is an amazing feeling, what I really wanted to convey was the togetherness of our team. Without my team we would've never gotten to finals. Amy (far right) had an amazing program, Miki (holding robot) and I drove and Marvey (far right) and Shuo (not pictured) were making sure the bolts and batteries were tightened and charged. The thrill of winning is great but what I love most is the people and the relationships you make with them.

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Learning is Winning


This picture perfectly encapsulates how VEX is not only just competition, but it is also a learning experience. Many teams are willing and enthusiastic to help other teams, even if they will be opponents that same day. The boy in the picture is smiling and looks happy, like many people in the VEX program because at the end of the day, it isn’t about the competition or winning, it’s about what you take from that experience and how you grow from it.

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2886A Driver Loads


This photo represents a key component (driver loads) of this year's strategy during a competition.  By using driver loads, we can directly involve more members of our team.    

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Building Blocks


This picture represents the building blocks of every single robot in Vex. They may just be regular metal parts to regular people, but to those who paticipate in the competion, they can be so much more. These parts can build amazing things, and can be at the core of the excitement of winning to every team.

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More Than Robots


Our robotics team takes pride in what we do off the competition field just as much as what we win during competitions. During the summer, we host two, five day summer camps for kids from fifth through twelth grade. The camp teaches the campers the fundamentals of designing, building and programming as well as the competition platform that the team uses. The campers work in small groups with students and coaches from the team 1138. By the last day, the campers will be competiting in a full day tournament with robots of their own creation. While spreading STEM to these campers, we are...

The undervalued work of the callenge


This photo represents the using of the engineering notebook, that is the undervalued work of the challenge. In this notebook, you write the different steps and brain-storming of your robot, so if you have a doubt, you can search in it, this makes this task important.

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Winning Cone


This photo represents that all the teams are equals, the cone represents a team, if we join our abilities and work together we create a cone.

Behind this cone we can see another one which has fallen, representing a team that has lost the competition.

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I chose this photo because we did it when we started to have the clear things about how we would do the hole structure, and therefore the title of the same image.

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Erin Chadban's VEX Photography Challenge Entry


To me, this photo represents my favourite thing about our school's VEX Robotics Club, teamwork and friendship. In this photo, though we may not be looking at the camera, we are all laughing and having a really good time. I think this embodies the VEX spirit, and shows that even though we are very different through age, experience, and many other things, we are able to get along and have a great time.

Erin Chadban - Galen VEX Team 48327M Member 

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Vex, it’s my passion to continue studying at school. We started doing it as something to desconnect from homeworks and to have a little fun, but as the time was passing I thought that was the best subject that i’ve ever done.

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This photo represents that all the members of the group are working separated to reach a same objective,win the competition.

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The claw


This simple claw can summarize all the aims that look for to the work with VEX.

That they are:

Know what has to do the claw, do research of pinces, do prototypes, build a desing detailed, build it, test it and improve it.

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Feeling good


I love vex robotics, it’s the best subject in our school. I love to desconnect because its relaxing and helps me to forget for a moment my homeworks and it gives me hapiness

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Fun and work


I have chosen this picture because I thought that we should mix the weights we use for the construction of our robot and the name of the competition we want to win.
I also wanted to choose this photo to show that vex is also a way of distraction at the same time is fun.
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The base of our project


This picture shows us two things: the importance of diffrent tools that can let us have success in our project and the two hands mean the importance of team work and having the control of each tool to make our results become better

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Details Overlooked


Sometimes it’s in the little things. Wiring pleated once, twice, cable-tied back. Constant checking and rechecking, fingernails bitten raw. The sleepless nights, crouched over heaving metal as the day moves into darkness. The tears. Robotics is a constant bustle, forcing us to forget about the small things. Pushing our limits and horizons, our team growing as people as the years go by. Yet the small things stay the same.

Much like the wires, we end up all interconnected in the cortex of life, hoping and praying that little blue light flickers on at the end of every...

Team Sprite of CMAss Robotics Team


CMAss Robotics Team finally met the one of the Co-Founder of VEX Robotics, Tony Norman. VEX Robotics Competition inspired us to make it better. So, we are the representative of Hong Kong for joining VEX Worlds Championship in 3 years continuously.  

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Learning the Ropes with 7700Y


 This picture shows a member of team 7700Y, Dylan, teaching a younger kid how to drive our robot in an open house hosted by Rolling Robots. This picture is a good example of a little kid learning the ropes in robotics.

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Aloha from Team 7700R


Rolling robots winds the Pan Pacific tournament 2017.

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The secret of our change is to focus all our energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

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Will it be easy?



We don’t talk, we act. We don’t say, we show. We don’t promise, we prove. Because the fire that is inside us burns brighter than the fire around us.

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The Description of Shelter


When programming the automatic program, we found that when our robot retreats, the cone will block the rear wheel, which will lead to the deviation of the robot's walking route and make the autonomous period fail. By using the shelter, the cone would be knocked off instead of blocking the rear wheel. In this way, we can ensure our autonomous period success.

We design our own shelter by using Autodesk Inventor 2015. During the design period, we designed the size, shape and distance of the first hole (①) and the second hole (②) to be the same as those of VEX C-Channel. Besides,...



We have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. We are simply trying to be better than the person we were yesterday.

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Over The Hump


Initially we took this photo as a joke. Everyone was ecstatic since we had finally found a way to get the robot over the 1st small bar without getting stuck on it. So everyone, feeling pretty good, grabbed a tool and centerered around the robot. The reason I like this photo is that it captures all of my favorite things about robotics. I love the way that it provides a space where I can apply problem solving skills while still being able to have alot of fun with my friends.

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Our effort is represented in this picture where we can see the wheels of our robot, and a little part of the structure. This part of our robot took a long time to do it well and to do it better than the first time we did.

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