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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Last season marked the tenth anniversary of the VEX Robotics World Championship, and after so many years of experience, we would love to see exactly what it is that you truly love about the program. Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VIQC, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


Path to Victory


After a long day of frustration, head cols, and dedication, team 2886B acheived that champion title at the Shelbyville Tournament. THis picture has us positined in a way the directs the viewer's eyes towards the trophy, symboizing the "path" to our victory.

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1575B Inspiring Engineers


    This picture, to me, showed how much passing my passion for engineering means to me. It says that without newer and greater engineers, STEM won’t continue. It portrays past experience and skill working with its future. The future. In this photo, I see a future where inspired engineers around the globe move forward, together, to create their future, and that future’s future. This photo, to me, in and of itself, is the STEM future.

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Hard Work Shows Results


This is the entry for Hadley Jones, a member of team 32545A. She says:

I chose this photo for my entry because it captures part of why I do VEX; the payoff for hard work. This year, we're fortunate enough to have been very successful in our tournament efforts so far. I get extreme joy out seeing results become real. I know it's not all about trophies, but recognition for a job well done is a very satisfying thing.

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The Result of Dedication


At a competition 2 one man teams come home with 4 awards including design and excellence. Through passion and dedication these teams have been successful. 

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Unity in Stickers


This is the entry for Ellen Sego, a member of 32545A. She wrote:

Vex, to me, is a single point that all participants agree on. It is something that connects and unites total strangers on opposite ends of the world.  It is a common thread that ties hundreds of thousands of people together. This picture shows how all members of the vex community, no matter what team they are on, can unite in the name of robotics. A high school team put one of our teams stickers on their own robot. We were very happy to see that.

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Shanghai Yongchang D


we are team 8193D from Shanghai Yongchang Private School. Everyone in our team love this comprtition very much. We have already prepared for the game for a long time. See you in Louisville in this April.


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Yes! I told you that it would work this time


We were tweaking our program to score the blue rings.

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Working with Others



It is as important to be kind to other teams as it is your own, in the end, who won won't matter.

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2919C's Learning Experience


Team 2919C

This is a team photo taken at the 2017 APAC competitions that was held in Rotorua. To us this photo represents many things. Throught our building of this robot the whole team was enthusiastic, hard working and always working colaborativley as a team to solve some of our hardest build problems. By the end of the build we had what we thought was a decent robot. Being quite a late build, APAC was out first competetive set of games, placing immense pressure on our new team member and driver. From autonomous sequences only sometimes running, to the robot...

Jumping for Joy- I'm so happy!


After coming so close before, we were so happy when we finally won the teamwork challenge!

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Friendships in Robotics


This photo represents the bonds made through robotics. I have met my closest friends through being on the robotics team. Through VEX I learned how to work with a small team to solve difficult tasks, while also befriending those teammates in the process. This photo reminds me to have fun with the work I do and to find friendships with those I work with.

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Photo from Vex Worlds Competiton 2017


Evan Williams

Grant Zydeck

Justin Sanderson

Sean Cornellier

Rahul Sethi


Last season our robotics team put in an immesnse amount of effort and will power into making our team the best it could possibly be. We put in effort into all areas without skipping out on any areas. We put work into mechanical, porgraming, skills, scouting, and match planning. On top of all this we even had a goal to work towards. One of the members on our robotics team, Justin Sanderson, his dad works in the army and he told us if we made it to...

Relief of Voctory


This was taken in the final championship match where in the closing seconds I stacked ten cones on a mobile goal to win the game and tournament.

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I knew we could do it!


We worked really hard to improve our driving and autonomous.  We won both Excellence and Tournament Champion Awards.  All our hard work paid off!

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Robot Time


For Robot Time I was having an extremely enjoyable time. I was knocking down the stacks and going for the big twenty point knock down. I really enjoy driving during Robot Time.

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We always have liked to put a name to our robot, since we saw the the new challenge in last year's World Championship we decided to call our robot Sharkbait Uh ha ha (Like on Finding Nemo). After the World's we went to Target and there was a Nemo's teddy and we asked our coach to bought it for us. In that moment we knew it was going be our biggest support in the worst moments and also match with our robot. 

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Look, it's us!


Our team came in third place in our first tournament!

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109A =Teamwork


We took this picture while we were attending the GeorgiaTSA Fall Leadership Conference. The picture shows the intense teamwork between 2 members (Hyuk and Praharsha) of 109A during the match. 

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A Learning Experience


The picture depicts a an early season moment in which we invited new entrees to our club, Gael Force Robotics to a day of VEX introduction. Two groups were formed(each armed with a senior member of 5327X) to form their own side of a reverse double four bar lift, competing against each other to build a more quality unit. The event was fun for the whole party and remains a heartwarming memory among members of 5327X :).

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Energized Fun


Energized Fun is like sunsets.  They are cool and fun to watch. Robotics is cool and fun to watch and compete  My heart races when I watch sunset and compete with our team robot.  I'm full of energy ready to burst like a sunset.


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For my senior project I had decide to start a VEX IQ team at the Elementary School. I was able to not only start 1 team but 2 teams. In this picture I am with the girls team. They are showing me the progress that they have made with their new design arm design.

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In the Audience


After losing in the quarterfinals, our team is out of the running for Champions—but that doesn't mean our job at the tournament is done. We may no longer be competitors, but we're still there watching the action. Wildly cheering for the winners and respectfully clapping for the defeated: that's what it means to be in the audience.

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What A Ride!


Sometimes robotics is a lot like a roller coaster. There are ups and downs. You win, and the excitement takes over. You aren't doing great, and the nerves take over. In the end, the ride was so much fun that you'll definitely want to go on it again.

This photo was taken at the end of a hardworking season that led us to VEX Worlds, and the afterparty at Kentucky Kingdom!

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"Non-Functional Decorations"


Every year we always like to figure out what all we can add to our robot under the non functional decoration rule. This year by state we want to have led lights and other small decorations on our robot.

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Teamwork wins Championships!


Our favorite thing about VEX is the teamwork, friendships and relationships built by participating.

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Tidy Time!


This photo was taken at 3 am at a Robotics Lock-in. While most other teams were fast asleep, I took the opportunity to slow down and sort my Team Tool Box. Cleanliness and tidiness has become an important quality to me since joining Vex. Taking the time to stop, reflect, and manage your environment is an invaluable quality for Robotics.

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team work


We selected this picture because it represents the unity and team work that we have gone through in all our robotics career

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Calm before the storm


Robot on the field before the first match of the season

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This picture shows how we have all felt during our time this year.  The feeling of accomplishment when you work hard to fix a problem, large or small. The highs outweigh the lows.

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Reaching for the Top


Engineering a way to reach the top.

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We choose this photo cause we wanted to show our team laughing but also at a competition, this is or frst competition on the 2017-2018 robotics year. So in this picture we are sitting near the skills field waiting for it to be our turn on the field, so we were all sitting together and laughing about things, talking about memories. This is all of pur second year on the team except one of our team members Alessandra Flores.

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It’s the night before the competition, you look out the windows it pitch black. The robot has been working mechnicy fine the whole week. But for some reason when you test your autonomous program the shaft encoder are not functioning. Something must be wrong with the sensor. Whatever it is, it must be fixed for tomorrow tournament.

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Yes! The bonus tray!


In our photo we wanted to express the feeling of joy and excitement that is unlocking the bonus tray. Seeing the rings roll off as the 60 second timer goes off is one of the most rewarding things to see at a competion. 

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VeX Robotics


In the photograph, my goal was to sweep the rings to the side to score points for my team the STEM Squad. Robotics are our future and each and every time I am able to come to school and learn to build, program, and drive the robots, I see a bright future ahead of me. 

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This photo shows how serious robotics competitions are. Notice my straight face. Notice my extreme determination. Not only am I ready to learn, I'm ready to compete and win. Determination.

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