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Electronics Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (TI) is one of the largest semiconductor design and manufacturing companies in the world. That means we make amazing technology that is inside many of the most innovative electronic products you use every day. For example, TI components are inside the VIQC controller, BEATS headphones, GoPro Hero 4 camera, Tesla cars, and the Samsung Galaxy. We challenge you to find a device (we recommend choosing something you don’t mind breaking apart, for example an old phone), and carefully deconstruct the device so you can find out what electronic components are inside. Most semiconductor chips are labeled with the company name and component name. Then conduct online research to discover what the component does and what its role might be within the entire system of the electronic device to submit your final report. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Smart phone, tablet or mobile device
  • Camera, voice recorder, video camera, tv remote
  • Headphones, speakers, music player
  • Watch, Pedometer, GPS navigator, Garage door opener
  • Computer components like mouse, monitor, keyboard

SAFETY TIPS: Before starting this challenge, make sure to have your chosen device approved by your team coach/leader/mentor/parent for safety purposes. Also note that some devices contain capacitors that hold a charge, and extreme caution should be used if the device has a capacitor. Any electrical device that contains a power source must be disconnected or removed before disassembly (unplug all cords and remove all batteries). You must wear safety glasses during the disassembly process.


Phone Of Wonders


The device we selected to take apart was a Samsung CU450. We chose this device because one of our parents said we could use it for VEX. The components we found inside the phone are the battery, motherboard, keyboard, speaker, camera, the port or charger, sim card expander, micro-SD card expander, and the connector to attach the key board. There were no TI components in this phone. This device had multiple parts in the circuit board and the screen, keyboard and many other components. It is breath taking and straight out amazing to have a chance to take apart a phone like a Samsung...


HP Printer CN47112280


I'll take apart a HP CN47112280 Printer

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Sony DVD/CD Player


Me and my partner had decided to use a dvd/cd player as our subject to take for this project.It was laying around my house so I thought we can use it for our reasearch. During our project we found many things and learned many things also .

This is our first time doing anything like this so I hope you like our project and experiment.

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Texas instrument challenge


                Texas Instruments competition for Vex EDR challenge 
     I choose to disassemble a Television remote because let be honest who uses the tv nowadays because all of the information is now n Instagram and Facebook as well as twitter. 

     The first component I see on the controller is a led that produces infrared light.  It is however to the human eye but you know what it isn’t invisible to is a camcorder and the TV It corresponds to. The infrared is kind of like to...


Gateway Keyboard Disassembly


Gateway is an electronics manufacturer. I had recently come across one of their old computer keyboard models, and decided to disassemble it and examine its components. I documented my findings here.

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Boytone Record Player Deconstruction


   We are team 4104A from North Hardin High School, presenting a detailed documentation of the disassembly of a Boytone BT-17DJM-C record player. 

   Our reasoning for choosing a record player to use as the device we would disassemble is because we knew that there would not only be many unique functions of it that we could explain (one example being how it produces sound whenever a stylus runs over a record) , but also that we could use the disassembly process as a major learning experience, hopefully furthering our knowledge in...

Unlike sitting at a computer screen, printing is...


Texas Instruments Online Challenge

Lexmark - Inkjet Printer

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Dell Dimension 3000 Windows XP Computer Desktop


VEX Robotics Electronic Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas Instruments for Gibson MS Robotics.


Team 11462A: We disassembled a Dell Dimension 3000 Windows XP Desktop Computer.

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Texas Instruments Online Challenge


For this challenge I took apart and learned about a quartz clock.

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Electronics Texas Instruments Challenge


I took apart a Nokia flipphone to find out whats inside.

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Many TI's in Our Modem


Dissected a Motorola Modem to find TI components. PDF Summary to be included.

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Texas Instruments Challenge (Pi-Squared)


These are the wii controller photos and the document.


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Electronics Online Challenge by Adrian Mata


when i was taking apart the phone i saw the sd card slot and also the mother board also their was two black storage modems. And then I took off the mother board gaurd and saw the most of the uinets in the mother board. and lastly I found the camera in front of the phone.

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Analysis of a VEX joystick


A damaged VEX remote controller is disassembled, whose electronic components and corresponding function are analyzed. A brief introduction is proposed.

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Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge,...


This is my submission for the online challenge.  I took apart a hard drive out of a computer!

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iPhone 3GS Deconstruction and Analysis


This i Texas Instruments challenge entry by team 2886B. This year we took a more in depth look at the iPhone 3GS, taking the phone apart and researching the components within. Our report includes a parts list, a report of the Integrated Components we found, and pictures taken along the way. Our sources are cited in APA format on the last page.

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HP Compaq dc7900 Convertible Minitower


This is the same as the one at the very top its just you can view this one. The device I decided to take apart was a HP Compaq dc7900 Converible Minitower. It is an old and unworking computer tower that my robotic coach gave me for this challenge.

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iPhone 6s Demolition


Our team, 8878D, decided to take apart an iPhone 6s. It had many chips and wires inside of it. The phone and challenge was very interesting.

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E-Machine Laptop Breakdown


We will be taking apart an E-Machine laptop to analyze its components.

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Taking apart a medical oximeter!


All information including the final summary report and images are in the pdf below.

Part list: Top lid, Bottom lid, Battery view hatch, Handle, PCB, Secondary circuit board, Front panel, Back panel, Front panel circuit board, Display circuit board.

I did not include any images of myself due to lack of parent permission.


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Philips TV Remote Disassembly


We have taken apart a Philips TV remote and documented what is inside.


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Figuring Out a Calculator


For the Texas Instruments challenge, we chose to take apart a Tectron calculator to see how it works.

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2018 Texas Instruments Online Challenge


We are team 7447B Retribution from Pickens County Career and Technology Center presenting our deconstruction of a HP StorageWorks SDLT 320 External Tape Drive. If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

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iPhone 5s Deconstruction


278E ATLAS West Salem High Robotics

We chose to deconstruct an Apple iPhone 5s for our Vex Texas Instruments Online Challenge submission. We selected this device because of its advanced technology and the improvements it made in the mobile phone industry when it was announced in 2013. It was one of the first mainstream mobile devices to include biometric security (Touch ID). It also included a revolutionary new motion coprocessor for more efficient processing and power usage. Along with iPhone 5s Apple released iOS 7, a complete revamp of the popular mobile operating...


Electronics Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas...


We took apart a small radio to see how it works.

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Humanity is built upon innovation and evolution. From the renaissance to the information era, Humans have created many devices and contraptions to suit their need. Currently, we live in a world where connections and interactions have become wireless. In this wireless society, there is difficulty in detecting and identifying wavelengths. However, just as the ancient Chinese created calendars to record the days, scientists have created the frequency checker/detector. This device was selected due to how we all interact with each other wirelessly through the internet. The data transfer by...

Electronics Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas...


We chose a 4th Generation iPod touch because it was readily available. Some of the chips and components we found were a 3.7 volt battery. The battery is 52-mAh and is 0.19-Whr. It also contains a logic board connecting to the battery. On we found that it has two gigabytes of flash storage. There were no TI components. One of the components is flash storage for the ipod shuffle, another component is the voice over button which tells you what song is playing, the headphone jack is a trrs jack which with the right cable can be connected to usb to charge and sync. I learned...


Texas Instruments Online Challenge 2018 by Da...


Da Swedish Fish, team 1550C consists of Mattias and Cecilia Peroni.  We chose to take apart a Samsung Intensity III. We found many circuitboards, but were very intrigued by the way the LCD screen worked. 


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VEX IQ Brain Teardown


We decided to take apart a VEX IQ Brain because we were interested in learning how a device we use frequently works. We found a Texas Instruments processor and other electronic components inside the brain.

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**Tearing Up the Macbook Pro**


Hello, this is 6724B, Team Optimus.

We are from Chadwick International School in Incheon, South Korea. Our team is looking forward to developing the robotics and STEM educations in South Korea. We hope that the people who are reading our report enjoy because it is completely made from our team's hard work (and some sources on the internet, citations in the report), not relying on teachers.

Joon Kang, our main report manager, is an expert on computers (also earned Java programming license). In this report, you are able to see a teardown of the Macbook Pro...


Taking Apart the iPhone4s


For this years Texas Instruments Challenge, we took apart a random iPhone 4S that one of us had  "lying around"! 

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VEX IQ Controller


We are Rockin Robots from 5th grade in Shiloh Point Elementary. We chose the VEX IQ Controller for this challenge.

VexIQ Controller is the hub of what makes robots fun to build and easy to use. Pairing the Controller with the robot brain gives full control of our robot. This built the curiosity in us to understand the electronics behind the Controller and how it interacts with the brain and controls the robot. 

Technical Documentation:

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Parker Howard TI Online Challenge Submissioni


This is my entry for the TI online challenge.  I took apart a Motorola cable modem!

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LG GT350GO phone


I decided to take apart an old phone called the LG GT350GO.  One of the major parts in the phone was the CPU chip and the type was a Qualcomm chip.  This part executes the program in the phone so this controls a lot in the phone.  Another part I found was an accelerometer that detects many things but it mostly detects the vibrations and movements in the phone and there is another part to help with this called the compass sensor that measures the strength and direction of magnetic fields so they can find their orientation accurately.


Electronics Online Challenge Entry


We decided to take apart the Pioneer AXF1536 TV Remote Control because one of the parents had an old remote control and allowed us to use it for the Electronics Online Challenge. When we took the remote control apart we found: A LED light, a microchip, 2 capacitors, and a switch. None of these components were Ti components. The LED light is to turn on each time we click on a button on the remote control, the microchip receives input and outputs the corresponding transmitter sequence, the capacitors hold the electricity that comes from the batteries, and the switch changes the mode of...

Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor


Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor

Report of 6986C Middle School Team 

by Ethan Richardson, Manjot Lobana, Cooper Ray, Peter Wang & Alex Likes


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Samsung Syncmaster 245BW Disassembly


Team 39Z - The Zip Ties from Cranbrook Robotics in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan chose to disassembly a Samsung SyncMaster 245BW Widescreen LCD Monitor. We chose this monitor because it stopped working a couple of months ago and our options were to throw it away, donate it for parts, or gain valuable experience from disassembling it! We learned all about the thought process a microchip manufacture goes through when designing their chips, and how LCD monitors process data.

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Epson Extraction


VEX Team 8390, from Notre Dame Academy in Los Angeles, dissected an Epson WorkForce 633 Printer and extracted the printed circuit boards for close examination.  We present our entry for the 2018 Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge. 

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Team 3050B's - Electronics Online Challenge...


This is team 3050's 

Electronics Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas Instruments

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Linksys WRT54G 2.4GHz Wireless Broadband Router


Team 986A Presents: Electronics Online Challenge: Linksys WRT54G 2.4GHz Wireless Broadband Router 

by Chandler Nelson, Joshua Austria, and Andrew Herdering

Team 986A - Grace Brethren Lancers

GBHS VEX Robotics Competition

Simi Valley, California, United States

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VEX IQ Brain Revision 2 by 7700R


Whilst mentoring our vex iq team 7700J, we noticed that their vex iq brain had a broken micro-usb port. We decided to investigate the reason for this.

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D-Link Camera Analysis by 7700Y


It’s amazing how something that can do so much required so little. In doing the Texas Instruments Challenge, we decided that we were going to use the D-LINK home security system model DCS-930L. What we hadn’t expected was that the entire system was on a single circuit board. That single circuit detected sudden movement, heard the sounds of a break-in, and take pictures of what was going on. That single circuit also sent all of this information to its owner via email. That one circuit accomplished everything the system needed to be a competent home security system under...

It's Not Your Mother's Calculator!


Calculators have been an integral part of many math classes to help students quickly preform calculations for years. My mother and I both used Texas Instruments while we were in high school. However, the TI-30X IIS, which I used, is very different from the TI-55, which my mother used. In this project I took apart both Texas Instruments calculators so to see what the differences between the two of them were due to advances over time. I wanted to see why mine was Not My Mother’s Calculator.

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Inside a HP Notebook 2000


For the TI Instruments Online Challenge, our team created a 299 word report on what was inside a HP Notebook 2000. Our report is under 500 words, is in PDF format, has photos with captions that are included in the report, and has at least 4 paragraphs.

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