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LG GT350GO phone


Entry ID #: 4587
Created: Sun, Jan 7, 2018 8:43 PM

I decided to take apart an old phone called the LG GT350GO.  One of the major parts in the phone was the CPU chip and the type was a Qualcomm chip.  This part executes the program in the phone so this controls a lot in the phone.  Another part I found was an accelerometer that detects many things but it mostly detects the vibrations and movements in the phone and there is another part to help with this called the compass sensor that measures the strength and direction of magnetic fields so they can find their orientation accurately.         Some other parts the phone had was a proximity sensor.  This helped my stopping involuntary pressing on the phone by detecting near objects.  Another part that is important the motherboard and the chip set, which manages data flow between the processor; memory and peripherals and the chip set and motherboard are connected.  The last part I found was the touch screen, I found how it worked, it depended on the friction, and the phone senses it to press something that was interesting.       Overall, these are some of the major parts in the phone that makes it work.


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