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Electronics Online Challenge Entry


Auburn Robotics
Entry ID #: 4595
Created: Sun, Jan 7, 2018 10:41 PM

We decided to take apart the Pioneer AXF1536 TV Remote Control because one of the parents had an old remote control and allowed us to use it for the Electronics Online Challenge. When we took the remote control apart we found: A LED light, a microchip, 2 capacitors, and a switch. None of these components were Ti components. The LED light is to turn on each time we click on a button on the remote control, the microchip receives input and outputs the corresponding transmitter sequence, the capacitors hold the electricity that comes from the batteries, and the switch changes the mode of the remote control. This experiments taught us a lot about electronics, we learned that electronics might seem pretty simple but are extremely complicated if you have to tinker with one. Another thing is that so many things happen in the remote that the users do not know about and the remote also does things we never even knew was possible.


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