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VEX Game Design Animation Online Challenge

Create an animated video or simulation that shows and explains a VEX Robotics Competition game. This is your chance to get creative and invent a game within the requirements of this challenge, and demonstrate the game being played in a virtual environment. Construct a “real” VRC game that is affordable, easily constructed by volunteers, obeys the laws of physics, has understandable rules, is interesting for participants to play and audiences to watch.


Pillar Killer


Pillar Killer is played on a 12ft x 12ft field, made by two alliances, one red, and one blue, each made up of two teams. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opposing alliance by Stacking pillars, by scoring cubes on stacked pillars, and by parking robots at the end of the match. 

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Hole In The Wall

Welcome to Hole In The Wall! You and your opponent are split into 12x6 sections on the playing field called lanes. On the opposite end of the lane there is a wall with holes in it as the shape of squares, rectangles, and triangles. The wall starts moving to your bot and you need to stack up objects on the field in the EndZone to correspond to the holes in the wall. If your structure fits in the wall when it reaches the endzone, you will be rewarded with points. Depending on how fast and what shapes you used, that's how many points you will get.

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capture the flag with cones

The way the game or compition works is there is two teams with two robots in each team.Team red is trying to capture team blues cone while the blue team is trying to capture the red teams cone.There are two mobile goals, red mobile goal goes to the red side as the blue mobile goal goes to the blue side.The blue mobile goal will go in the center on the red side as red mobile goal will be on the opposite side in the center.The mobile goal has to be in the right teams side before the opposite teams cone can be retrieved.the maximum times an opponites robot can pin a robot is 2 times but...


Goal time


Goal Time

This is a game that is based on soccer and basketball. The scoring system is based on where you place the balls (in goals, hoops or moving obstacles) in the zones. Each robot in the competition has their own zone on the course. To earn points, you must place balls into the goals in your zone. Depending on which zone you place the ball, you score either 5, 10 or 20 points. Shooting into a soccer goal, earns you 5 points. The hoops are harder to reach, so they earn you 10 points. There are also several obstacles...


VEX in the Chrome


Go on youtube and type this in the search bar: Vex In The Chrome REC Foundation. It is the frist video that pops up.

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Hang It, Drop It


4478Y is an all-girls team at Masuk High School.

Vex Game Animation Online Challenge (2018/19) - Hang It, Drop It

Hang It, Drop It is played on a 12ft by 12ft field with two alliances, one red and one blue, each with two teams. This year, teams can score points by either hanging plastic alliance specific tubes on the central peg tower or by placing soft foam pyramids into alliance colored boxes.The tubes are recycled from the VRC Game Round up and are made of a glossy, light plastic. New this year, vex introduces the soft foam pyramids that are compressible and easy to...

Bins and Balls


We are team 12J, an all-girls team from the Potomac School. We give you the 2018-2019 challenge, Bins & Balls.

Bins & Balls is played on a twelve foot by twelve foot field, with two alliances, each composed of two robots. The object of the game is to outscore your opponent by scoring more stars and colored balls into colored bins and cylinders. As usual, the game is played by starting with a fifteen second autonomous period, followed by a 1:45 driver control period. The game is challenging and interesting, demanding a mix of precision, speed,...

Vex 2018-2019 challenge: Post Season



Vex challenge Post Season is played on a 12x12 foot field consisting of 6x6 foam tiles surrounded by a field perimeter. Teams may score points by scoring balls in the posts, placing their team flag into purple areas claiming all points in the corresponding clear post, putting cubes in the cube zone, and stacking cubes on other cubes in the cube zone. The field elements consist of 48 balls from VEX Challenge: Nothing but Net, 10 cubes from VEX Challenge: Starstruck, and 2 flags designed for this challenge. A cube and 9 balls are...

Point Siege


Teams are red and blue


There is an object behind each starter position, the “flag” (in the corner)


Moving the opponent’s “flag” to the center of the arena (hill) gives you 5 points for every 5 seconds the flag is there


Prevent the other team from putting your “flag” on the “hill”


15 second autonomous period, 1 minute 45 second driver control...

Masuk Robotics Team 4478V's Concept - BUILDUP

Our robotics competition concept, dubbed "Buildup," is played in a way similar to that of the board game Connect Four. Robots play on a twelve foot by twelve foot field and pick up "Donuts" (6" long, 6" tall, 1.5" wide donut-shaped plastic objects; there's a total of 70 of them, 33 on each side, and one for the preload of each bot) and place them in through the top of "The Wall" (a large divider in the middle of the field, design to hold the Donuts between pegs; measures...

Vex Robotics Building Blocks

Goal: to have a taller tower than your opponent to score more points than the opposing alliance

VEX Robotics Competition Building Blocks is played on a 12 x 12 foot square field. Two alliances – one red and one blue – composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a fifteen second autonomous period followed by one minute and forty-five seconds of driver controlled time.


Vex Robotics Building Blocks is the new game for 2018 and 2019, the game consists of 20 yellow cubes that are 5.5 x...

VRC Game: Goal!!! (Custom Game)

This game consists of two teams on an alliance trying to score points by throwing balls and squares into the goals or stacking them on posts.

Here is the video:

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Time's Up


Time's Up

If possible, set quality to 1080p HD in the settings for best viewing

Game Description & Measurements

Time’s Up is played on a twelve foot by twelve foot regular vex field with eighteen by eighteen by eighteen inch robots. In the center of the field is a six foot inner-diameter, eight foot outer-diameter, circle with two foot tall ball posts at each quarter on the clock face. On opposite...

6210Z Moon Walk


VEX Game Design Animation Online Challenge Entry for 2017-2018: 6210Z Moon Walk

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VEX Breakthrough


Introducing VEX Breakthrough

VEX Breakthrough is a strategic game based around scoring balls, blocks and buckets. Alliances of 2 teams play against each other attempting to score the most points during a 2-minute match. The blocks in the middle of the field form a wall that teams need to break through to access the majority of their buckets. As well as being scorable objects, the blocks also become obstacles for robots, making multiple strategies possible in this game. Our recycled game object is the Nothing but Net ball mostly for its light weight yet...

VEX Game Design Animation Online Challenge...


The first scoring object is the custom object; it is a 18x6x6 inch hollow rectangular prism. It will play part of the “Castle Walls ,” as seen later in the game, capable of being scored for -2 points each. It is made from plastic. There are 24 in total on the field.
This is the second scoring object. It is the ball from Nothing But Net. These are worth -1 point each.There are forty on the field in total.
This is what the points are scored in; on the field, there is one bin with a yellow ramp and one without on each side
Objects scored...


Pyraminx Game Design


introducing the peninsula 2017-2018 game design pyraminx. Pyraminx is played on a 12 foot by 12-foot field by two alliances. Detailed game instruction in the powerpoint attached below. 

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Stones Throw


Stones throw is played on a 12ft by 12ft field by two alliances. 
Stones are worth 1pt each in the Low Zone and 2pts each in the High Zone.
Horseshoes are worth 6pts each on the scoring posts.
5pts are awarded for every Low Zone that is empty at the end of the match.

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5509A Forbidden Gateway

welcome to 5509A's Game animation


the rules are simple, you cant pin down another robot for more then 5 seconds,        you cannot stack the hooked cone on the opposite team,                                           (basicly the same rules as In The Zone)

now the ball is from Gateway they are circled and perfectly round                           the...