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Bins and Balls


Entry ID #: 4567
Created: Sun, Jan 7, 2018 3:21 PM

We are team 12J, an all-girls team from the Potomac School. We give you the 2018-2019 challenge, Bins & Balls. Bins & Balls is played on a twelve foot by twelve foot field, with two alliances, each composed of two robots. The object of the game is to outscore your opponent by scoring more stars and colored balls into colored bins and cylinders. As usual, the game is played by starting with a fifteen second autonomous period, followed by a 1:45 driver control period. The game is challenging and interesting, demanding a mix of precision, speed, and creativity from each robot.


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Team 12J presents to you Balls and Bins. The object of this game is to outscore your opponent by placing more colored balls and stars into corresponding bins and cylinders.