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Masuk Robotics Team 4478V's Concept - BUILDUP


Entry ID #: 4843
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 4:43 PM

Our robotics competition concept, dubbed "Buildup," is played in a way similar to that of the board game Connect Four. Robots play on a twelve foot by twelve foot field and pick up "Donuts" (6" long, 6" tall, 1.5" wide donut-shaped plastic objects; there's a total of 70 of them, 33 on each side, and one for the preload of each bot) and place them in through the top of "The Wall" (a large divider in the middle of the field, design to hold the Donuts between pegs; measures 12' long, 2" wide, and 3' high). Each Donut successfuly placed into the wall will be worth two points, but if another Donut lands next to that one, the newly dropped Donut's value goes up one point. Chaining Donuts is a very important part of this game, as the farther you chain, the more the Donuts become worth (and quickly, too!)


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Hello! This is Masuk Robotics team 4478V's VEX Game Design Animation Online Challenge entry. This video showcases our new game concept: Buildup.