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VEX animation online challenge 6446A Lucky VEX


Entry ID #: 5222
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 2:39 AM

Welcome to Lucky VEX! In this game, you're supposed to score as many points in order to win. To score, you can throw or slide obstacles such as O-Caps or Rings over or under the fence. Well, what are you waiting for? Play Lucky VEX now! Here's the link to the video on Youtube: Title is:6446A VEX animation online Challenge 2018 2019


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A game played on a 12ft by 12ft field, with a fence separating the red and blue alliance. The object is to score as many points by throwing or sliding O-Caps or rings under or over the fence. (In the video there are 3 extra seconds because of the software add.