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Vex 2018-2019 Out of Order


Entry ID #: 5357
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 9:42 AM

Out of Order Vex Out of Order is a game of scoring colored cylinders and BuckyBalls (from the previous Vex game Toss Up) into various goals and a race to fit in the dimensions of the large box.  The Game Includes: 20 Red Cylinders stacked in 5 rows of 4 20 Blue Cylinders stacked in 5 rows of 4 5 Red BuckyBalls placed on top of the Red Cylinder Stacks 5 Blue BuckyBalls placed on top of the Blue Cylinder Stacks 4 Grey Box Scoring Goals 1 Grey Cylinder Scoring Goal 1 36x18x18" Parking Box The object of the game is to fill up all of the goals with the team's colored game objects, taking no more than one at a time, and ending with up to two robots under the large box. Scoring                         Points Autonomous Winner 10pts Cylinder in Box Goal 1pt Cylinder in Cylinder Goal 3pts BuckyBalls in Box Goal 5pts BuckyBalls in Cylinder Goal 10pts 2-Robot Box Bonus 5pts *The bonus is only rewarded if there are two robots of the same alliance in the box by the end of the match. -Animation made using scratch -3D objects created in TinkerCAD

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   tboudreaux20 on 01/10/2018

UPDATED LINK!!!!!!!!!! Please use this link to view my Game Animation Video on Youtube: Thank you for understanding!