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Created: Thu, Nov 30, 2017 4:47 PM

This video is a showcase of our team's most recent victory at the State Championships as a winning alliance for VEX EDR. Since it was the team's first year in the competition, we are very excited to go to the Nationals in Victoria with the possibility of making the World Championships in 2018. We have created a video interviewing the four team members (Luna Doan, Nick Taylor, Matthew Walker, Alissa Goodsell-Kelso) asking specific questions: Why did you take up Robotics? What have you learned in your time doing Robotics? Why would you recommend Robotics to other students? This video is intended to promote Robotics to other students as a viable and integral skill for the future! We are all excited to be part of it!


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This YouTube video is our team's Promote Challenge submission for VEX Robotics 2018. Team Members: Nick Taylor Luna Doan Matthew Walker Alissa Goodsell-Kelso