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6008D Promote Video 2017-2018 "The Catalyst"


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Created: Wed, Jan 3, 2018 4:33 PM

Delta Force presents… “The Catalyst”. Last season, members of Delta Force mentored the elementary VEX IQ teams and realized the importance of encouraging young students to become involved in robotics. Delta Force 6008D collaborated with North Union Elementary School to host two Hour of Code Events on December 4th and 6th 2017. After scheduling these events, they decided that the promote award video was a great way to advertise VEX robotics and the importance of educating young children about stem, with the motto “One Person. One Program. Will Change the World.” The two events were held for Kindergarten through 5th grade students and we had 200+ students attend. At this event, 6008D taught about the importance of programming in both VEX robotics and engineering as a whole. They emphasized how one program can affect so many people and that encouraging and informing children about stem will provide them with knowledge that will benefit them, regardless the field they pursue in the future. Children are naturally curious and stem activities encourage them to use their imagination, and become the innovators and problem solvers our future depends on. You are never too young to start learning about the world, in fact the younger the better. The students stayed after school and participated enthusiastically in a variety of activities. They used equipment such as ozobots, where the children used color pattern codes to enable the robot to do functions. They used osmos, code-a-pillar, littleBits, and more. promotes hour of code events, and provided the children with access to many coding related games that wired their minds for innovation. Coding is one language that connects the world; people become unified to create. One student stated: “I like coding because it helps us get a better understanding of what coding is and how people use it” (Trace Huff 4th Grade). Delta Force gave a presentation about VEX robotics and how programming is so crucial in engineering. They displayed this years game, In the Zone, which inspired kids to want to become involved in robotics in the future. High School students must not only become the leaders of the future, but must encourage and shape the future leaders to come.  We could not have achieved this video without the support from Kristi Matlack and Tracy Zwayer, as well as the students at North Union Elementary School.    Credits: Director: Avery Zwayer Producer: Logan Suiter Cinematographer: Gage Zwayer & Delta Force Narrators: Dalton Skaggs, Avery Zwayer, Gavin Zwayer, & Logan Suiter 


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Delta Force presents… “The Catalyst”