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In the Lab and Beyond: Team 254A Promote Video


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Created: Mon, Jan 8, 2018 7:15 PM

What happens in the lab of team 254, one of the world's best robotics teams in FRC? See for yourself how we put in our skills, hard work, dedication, effort, and teamwork to build amazing VEX robots, compete at the toughest competitions, outreach to younger kids, and have fun! This video not only features us working hard, but also members of 254 having fun at our outreach events, as well as video of driver practice and competition on the robot, and a whole lot more interesting cinematics! Take a peek into what the Cheezy Poofs has in the robotics lab and beyond!   Music source:


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The moment you have been waiting for: the video itself! An amazing conglomerate of amazingness, I question why there is even another description box to fill out!